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MU Becomes a Decade

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11:33 pm, Jul 20 2014
Posts: 428

Seeing so many familiar faces here. It's been a great decade. I think maybe around 2006 I found the site.

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12:34 am, Jul 21 2014
Posts: 5

Wow, I spent like nine years using this site?! That's so cool. Happy birthday!

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1:13 am, Jul 21 2014
Posts: 101

I have used this site since 2008 eek

happy birthday


2:19 am, Jul 21 2014
Posts: 3

Happy B-day MU! biggrin

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2:45 am, Jul 21 2014
Posts: 738

Happy 10 years MU! biggrin

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4:43 am, Jul 21 2014
Posts: 6211

Happy Birthday MU!
Quote from Kaioh
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6:13 am, Jul 21 2014
Posts: 45

Damn time sure flies (Member for 7 years smile )

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8:53 am, Jul 21 2014
Posts: 1631

HAPPY TEN YEARS!!!!! biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin

I've been with this site on and off for 7 years. I'm so grateful that the MU crew has dedicated so much time to this site and helping our knowledge on manga expand. Without you guys, I wouldn't be so dedicated to reading manga. My taste are so refined now! *sticks out pinky finger*

You guys are older than my cat, and I love my cat, so that must mean I love you guys more!

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10:52 am, Jul 21 2014
Posts: 1769

and good job for maintaining this the last 10 years to all mods and admins!
and thanks biggrin

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2:57 am, Jul 22 2014
Posts: 68

Happy birthday, and may there continue to be many more to come! ^.^

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4:38 am, Jul 22 2014
Posts: 140

Happy Birthday!! (I'm so late XD) I wish this forum will continue to grow steadily. Fighting!! And thanks a lot.

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9:08 am, Jul 22 2014
Posts: 8

Happy belated smile

To this day mangaupdates remains the best manga related tool & community on the internet. Really happy I found this site all those years ago smile wink grin


1:17 pm, Jul 22 2014
Posts: 41

Happy birthday and thank you for providing us with all this manga information for all those years! biggrin

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10:06 pm, Jul 22 2014
Posts: 325

10 years?!?!?! Wheres Manick with them updates? Jk jk. Congrats team on the accomplishment, especially Manick since this is his baby. Illegitimate bastard love child, but love child none the less.

why back in the day we didn't 'download', we had to swim to japan if we wanted fresh anime and that was only if...

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2:14 pm, Jul 23 2014
Posts: 18

Wow, 10 years! Happy B-Day MangaUpdates! smile wink grin

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