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Whoever came up with the "Bug Master" title translation needs to be smacked upside the head

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4:21 pm, Jul 20 2014
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It makes this masterpiece sound like some sad knockoff of Pokemon, and what's worse is that I've seen reviewers on anime websites actually use that name. *headdesk* Okay, I understand that some people are deathly allergic to romaji, but couldn't fans have come up with any better (less literal and more figurative) translation? (I think even something like "Cryptobiologist"--by analogy with cryptozoology--would have been better, but that's probably just me.) This is both unfortunate and preventable.

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4:32 pm, Jul 20 2014
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Husband said Insect Doctor would be his translation. Since he's technically a doctor of sorts.

Owner of Antisense Scanslation.
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12:43 pm, Jul 24 2016
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lmao bug master

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