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[TEA] is looking for JP translators and for editors

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11:54 am, Mar 16 2008
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Yet another time, I'm requesting staff support for my group TEA-Scans. - site is down lately...
so come forth to our little forum: TEA-FORUM

We're looking for JP-ENG translators for the following series:

Da Capo Second Graduation
Little Busters!

BUT what we need THE MOST is EDITORS for various projects. ^_^
I was pretty picky about it before, but newbies can try out their strength too.
If I'll be less lazy I'll try to polish your editing manner to some extend.

In any case - it's good if you're available in IRC or in MSN\Y!M\AIM.

And guys, please, if you gonna dissappear without even trying to do your first assignment or just test - don't waste my time.

If you're interested - contact me by sending an e-mail on
Or by MSN (, Y!M (kandasra) or even in GoogleTalk (


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9:45 pm, Mar 25 2008
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updated project list.
No need for editors for the time being - too.
Still need proofers and TRANSLATORS.
(especially for first 3 titles listed in here)

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11:08 pm, Mar 30 2008
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Update: Time to remember about Little Busters! 4-koma.
Check up on posts changes.

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12:24 pm, Apr 15 2008
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Yet another update on recruiting needs.

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1:59 pm, Jul 19 2008
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Searching moar editors.!!! eyes

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