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Best Shounen

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10:04 pm, Jun 25 2015
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Ooh, I'm glad this thread was revived.

Best of all time: Hunter x Hunter. I considered putting this into "currently running" but... yeah. Honestly it's my favorite even among those I've completed, so it doesn't matter. For me, shounen is all about the morals it has to tell, the themes it explores, and character development, and I love the way all three of those are handled in the series. Plus, I love all the things Togashi has to say about humanity.

Best currently running: Mmm... this one is tougher. I guess Shingeki no Kyojin - I have the least complaints about it, and I really love the whole mystery aspect. It keeps me entertained.

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11:52 pm, Aug 1 2015
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To be honest I haven't read a great deal of manga, but the reason why I joined this website is so that I could find ones that are good and I could enjoy.Since I've only read a few I'm tempted to make a "best-ever," but out of the ones I have completed Death Note is at the top. I suppose Attack on Titan is the best one running currently (that I know about).

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3:52 pm, May 17 2016
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One Piece
Amazing world building, great characters and all

One Punch Man
Parodies shonen manga and invincible OP are the selling points for me

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1:30 am, Jun 5 2016
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I'd say One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Heroic Legend of Arslan (remake), and Great Teacher Onizuka are my favorites thus far.

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7:53 am, Jul 6 2016
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Complete - (1) Beck (2) Beelzebub (3) Bakuman (4) Angel Densetsu (5) The Breaker
Ongoing - One Punch Man

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4:26 am, Apr 14 2017
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I just love Kenshin. The fight scenes are always balance, a swordman needs wit, not only spirit.

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11:31 pm, Apr 22 2017
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I can't decide which is the best shounen manga, but I have a list of some that I consider masterpiece and that maybe could fit in a top shounen mangas:
-Detective Conan.
-One Piece.
-Dragon Ball.
-Hajime No Ippo.
-Kami nomi zo shiru Sekai.
-Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi.

There are of course many shounen manga that I haven't read yet but right now I'd said these are fine.

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12:02 am, Apr 23 2017
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I am absolutely obsessed with The Promised Neverland, which is still relatively new (which at the moment is at 36 released chapters). This manga revived my interest in shouen manga after a long pause in the genre, because I was tired of the usual archetypes that followed the standard shouen formula: overpowered heroes and their over forgiving attitudes that form the otherwise unlikely (and impossible) friendships with their former enemies. Maybe it's because I'm not entirely forgiving, or maybe it's because these heroes (shoujo heroines included) are incredibly (and naively) open hearted and filled with such compassion that they can forgive their former enemies for their actions and original intentions. However, I find it hard to understand when they do so with almost relative ease and speed...

Moving on, I'll get back to talking about The Promised Neverland.

So, if you like psychological drama coupled with mystery, then I would highly recommend this for you to read.
Honestly, I really love this manga so much, and it hasn't disappointed me even once, so far. Even when a certain "incident" occurred and left me rather heartbroken and melancholy, I was far too attached to drop it and move on, because of my strong love for this manga. That is HOW MUCH I treasure this series and hope for it to continue for a long (but not dragged on) serialization.

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1:00 am, Apr 23 2017
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I'd say my favourite is by far Kekkaishi. It's just so well thought out, the artwork is clean and the pace is really easy to understand, but at the same time it's full of details and flowing with life. So many things happen to make it break out of the stereotype and it has such great and original ideas, with an interesting plot that always keep things moving until the end. It's really one of my favourite reads.

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9:19 pm, May 8 2017
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My favorite Shounen that I can name off the top of my head are Shokugeki no Soma, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Soul Eater, Nisekoi, and Akame ga Kill.

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3:01 pm, May 11 2017
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Dragon Ball is a legend. By far the best shonen in history : ) I also like Bleach, Naruto and One Piece.

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12:46 am, Feb 4 2018
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1:50 am, Feb 4 2018
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Wow, how is this topic still alive.... I've never posted in it in my 6+ years on the site but I remember it popping up every now and then....

Anyway, my answer now is the same as it would've been 6 years ago: Definitely One Piece

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3:53 am, Feb 9 2018
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One Punch-Man and One Punch-Man (ONE) both are Seinen.

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