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New chapter will be added!?!? What do you think?

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1:26 am, Sep 30 2014
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According to the website I listed at the bottom, it said that Hino sensei is adding a new chapter called "Vampire Knight: Life"!! Does it alludes to you guys that it is going to be related to Kaname's human life or other characters'? What do you guys think about this?

I was just browsing for the Vampire Knight: Fleeing Dreams novel (which I'm definitely preordering!) and found this news! So excited that my "Sweet Dreams" haven't completely ended yet!
I hope this extra chapter will heal our suffering from the unsatisfied ending.

Edited: "In this exclusive digital manga chapter, Matsuri Hino returns to the events at the end of volume 19." ht-manga-series-finale-special-edition/ eyes

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9:55 pm, Feb 10 2015
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From what I've been able to read of the spoiler images (I'm about to burst out of my skin waiting on the full raws), anyway, I think Hino actually did a few things right time around:

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
1- We get to see some of Zero and Yuuki raising Yuuki's daughter, who FINALLY gets a name (it's Ai. I would have preferred something like Akane, but hey, at least we know.) Really seeing Zero and Yuuki as parents is what was lacking in the original ending and the first bonus chapter.

2- We get to see more of Kaname interacting with "his children", and it seems that traces of his memory do remain, given his actions towards them. For me, this was much better closure than that mind numbingly depressing final chapter.

As for my main issue with the special, Yori and Aidou are fine and good (I feel like them getting together in the specials contradicts some points made in the main 93 chapters, but I'm willing to let that go). But seriously - for a character as inconsequential as Yori, she's been given inordinate amounts of "screen time" in the final and two bonus chapters. How is that we barely know what became of Ichijo, Kain, Rima, Shiki, Maria, Kaito, Yagari, Seiren and the headmaster (that is A LOT of characters to neglect!) but we get all this info about Yori of all people, who had barely any presence in the main story? It just seems unbalanced?. But maybe we'll get a third bonus chap? *crosses fingers*

Edit: With the new announcement that these bonus chapters will continue, my main complaint has been cleared up. This should give Hino, if she plays her cards right, a nice opportunity to wrap up the lives of the other characters! Thank goodness!

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