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Shaman King Flowers Manga Sequel Ends This Month

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4:41 pm, Oct 9 2014
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Aw. That seems really short, it had a lot of potential as well. I wonder if it was dropped because of low sales?

Oh, but if there is more to the franchise I hope they focus on Ren.

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I stopped reading but never learned if Yoh and Anna really died. Someone please spoil me, did they?

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9:52 am, Nov 28 2014
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What a lame, half-assed ending, leaving nearly every single thing hanging. It definitely feels like a rushed ending due to cancellation, though I can't find any mention anywhere of the series getting axed.
However, the magazine it's published in apparently stopped publishing with the same issue which published the final chapter of flowers, so it's probable that flowers did get canned with the magazine. Still, you'd think if the mag was going under then the mangaka would just shift it to another publication (like gunnm/battle angel alita did).

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6:35 am, Dec 2 2014
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I feel that Hiro sensei has to end it because the magazine stopped publishing. I have been reading SK Flowers for quite a while and it has been good run (at least for me).

About Yoh and Anna:
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Yoh and Anna died somewhen before Flowers, but they were revived along with Hana. Or not, the only thing I'm sure about is Hana living with Tamao instead of Anna, and that he has once died together with Yoh and Anna. It was depicted later that Yoh and Anna asked Hao to revived them in relation to the coming battle, but it was never showed that both of them are revived or not. Hana did face Yoh on the great soul, so maybe Yoh was not revived back then, but again I can't be sure.

This series has lots to answer, and lots to deliver: Yoh and Anna's whereabouts, the coming battle of Gods' representative, and I'm excited to see Hana in action with his new guardian spirit. I really hope this is not the end of it.

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