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Yaoi with cute art like

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5:48 pm, Nov 4 2014
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I'm wondering if there's any more yaoi out there where the art is just.. freaking adorable!
I'm talking about ogawa chise-style or hideyoshiko, Shoowa, Moto Haruko, Ootsuki miu, Junko, Enzou.. you get what I mean :3
Any suggestions will be adored beyond belief!! And if they're smutty or not smutty, I don't careee! (though smutty of course is the best :'D)

yaoi webcomic ._.
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7:28 pm, Nov 6 2014
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My idea of 'cute' is CJ Michalski

This thread should have what you're looking for:
Cutesy Yaoi Art

Try this thread, lots of recommendations:
yaoi with shoujo-ish art style

Also this one:
Yaoi/BL with shoujo art style?

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