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Yaoi with changing seme/uke roles

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12:10 am, Nov 19 2014
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Are there any good yaoi out there that involve the couple actively swapping their seme/uke roles?

The best example I can think of is the One Piece doujins (ZoSan/SanZo) by Saruya Hachi.

Extra love:
The couple start out with set roles, but for some reason (maybe they were exploring, or *cough* the uke got really pissed off lol) the uke tops one day and they find that they really like it that way too. Thus begins the switching depending on mood. wink

Thanks in advance for any suggestions! :3

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12:47 am, Nov 19 2014
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One particular manga that come to mind is Haru o daite ita, not bad of a storyplot I might add.. also you can check under Seke category

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4:08 am, Nov 19 2014
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Hi there !

Well, I don't remember having read a yaoi where the couple is exchanging their roles quite often, which is a shame I think since I also really love it when they swap.

But anyway, I've read quite a few where you can see them exchanging their roles so here they are:
- maybe the most famous one: Haru o daite ita
- my favorite: Kyuuso wa cheese no yume o miru and its sequel Sojou no koi wa nido haneru
- Chikatetsu no Inu and its sequel Dog's Subway (you have to read both if you want to see them swap)
- Kareshi Glamorous
- Kozure Ookami (not the first story, but the second one)
- Omoisugoshi mo Koi no Uchi (the first story)
- Three Wolves Mountain (let's have a bit of fantasy!)
- Yononaka wa Bokura ni Amai (it's great but unfortunately not completely scanlated, and it doesn't seem be updated)

Well, hope this fulfills your request !

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3:39 am, Nov 20 2014
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To my knowledge, there are very few yaoi of this type. In most of the ones I have seen, including those listed already, the couple might try it once and the seme will say 'never again'. You can try the "Reversible Couple" category but I think it is the same. The only story that I can recall right now in which the couple switch back and forth is Neji no Kaiten - in fact, it seems to be written for people who want that.

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1:04 am, Nov 24 2014
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kigeki wa koi de shinkasuru is the only one that hasnt been mentioned that i know of.

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12:44 pm, Nov 27 2014
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renai junkie, i guess this is one of those examples where it is tried out once. It's really unexpected too.

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10:23 am, Nov 28 2014
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If you haven't tried it yet, there's also the 'Reversible Couple' category tag.

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