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A chorus cover of 光るなら / Hikaru Nara!

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11:19 pm, Dec 31 2014
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Hikaru Nara is Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso's opening song. The chorus group consists of 7 guys and 3 girls 8) please listen if you're interested! Thanks biggrin

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6:35 am, Feb 7 2015
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Wow, this is an amazing cover! Good job guys! I like how you made the song sound so different from the original, it sounds more calm and tranquil but I like it! biggrin

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7:13 am, Feb 7 2015
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Wow!! You guys are great!! The harmony and the arrangement is done really well!! Im now a fan of both goose house and serve aces!! I wanna hear more!! eyes smile wink grin eyes wink smile wink grin

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