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The ending!

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Post #370470
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8:12 pm, Apr 11 2010
Posts: 16

hope there is a season 2 then

Post #387080 - Reply to (#347372) by Odette
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5:36 pm, Jun 21 2010
Posts: 3

Quote from Odette
I actually liked the ending a lot. If Hikaru had won, it would have been just like any other cliche shounen manga where the protagonist always wins.

Err he never won on his own against Akira, his father and any other title holders, winning against that Korean brat would have made the ending better imo. There were enough other players to play against who were far better than Hikaru, and what was the point of that journey Akira's father, it was to get better to get a re-match with Sai right? This wasnt just a normal ending because pretty much no loose end was closed, not even Hikaru's final battle with Akira.

I loved the story till the end, which sucked.

- Xadro

Post #474501 - Reply to (#347372) by Odette

6:36 am, Jun 6 2011
Posts: 221

Quote from Odette
I actually liked the ending a lot. If Hikaru had won, it would have been just like any other cliche shounen manga where the protagonist always wins. We saw Hikaru growing beyond Sai, and I think that's enough. I mean, he's still a kid and hasn't been playing Go for very long. The rivalry between Hikaru and his competitors continues, and life goes on with people around the world enjoying the game of Go. Wasn't that the point of the manga? The playing of the game was always more important than winning. This ending makes me feel more satisfied than seeing Hikaru holding up some gold medal or trophy. I think it's brilliant that the outcome of the last game is not shown. You already kind of know in your heart that both of them will achieve greatness one day, so it doesn't matter who wins that day. Lose the battle, win the war.

I gotta say but I have to agree with you. Hikaru losing gave him more depth and you can really see the growth of his character and skill with his defeat. I totally agree that they will both achieve greatness and greatness can't be achieved without falling down numerous times. One day they will emerge as victorious. The ending was satisfying in that sense, I absolutely agree, yet I still feel extremely disappointed. I wanted a flash forward, say 10 years time, to see where they will stand. But I'm still happy to see a flash forward of them after the Hokuto Cup. =)

I still want to see more of them. I will welcome a Hikaru no Go 2 any day. Even a chapter, I will be satisfied. In fact, that will make my, lifetime, actually. This manga was absolutely brilliant in every sense.

But still...I still yearn for more. I honestly felt too that the series was cut way too short for it's own good. There was still so many unanswered questions.
Where and why did Sai go?
What is the God's Hand?
Will they ever find it?
Will Touya Meijin ever get his rematch with 'Sai' and will he ever discover the 'perfect game'?
...and so on. There's still plenty of unanswered questions.

And talking about the ending...and what it meant. I think that it was destined that Sai was sent to meet Hikaru to bring the old world of Go to the modern world and bring it to light. They did mention in the manga that there is modern Go and old fashioned Go. Hikaru was to be the bridge to combine the two in his playing style and to show everybody that modern world Go wouldn't have stood and been here without Go in the past. Just to show the modern times won't exist without the past. Appreciation. I don't know if you get me?? Haha, I have trouble explaining hard philosophical ideas! And the question is directly towards Sai, that's what I definitely think.

Sorry, I'm just reliving an old thread. I finished Hikaru no Go yesterday in two sittings. Absolute gem. Why didn't I find it sooner?!

Last edited by LittleMelon18 at 7:07 am, Jun 6

Post #499722

3:46 pm, Oct 6 2011
Posts: 1041

first of all

The way Sai left the manga made it so much better
it made a real impact

and changed Hikaru
he now had to stand on his own and develop as a go player
Sai purpose in remaining was to teach Hikaru so that he in turn could inspire/teach other
and so he did

and yes
Hikaru No Go did get killed off

either it was Obata that dident want to continue/wanted to leave and work with his old friend on Death Note
or JUMP saw more potential in death note and had him change for that reason

i think Hotta Yumi deserved better
shame on you JUMP

it really felt like she was not finished with all the things she wanted to tell

Post #552764
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Ink Penn

7:46 pm, May 25 2012
Posts: 26

In the end, I'd have disliked it a lot less if Hikaru had just said "Sai" when he had to say the reason why he plays Go. The whole thing about bridging the past and the future and everyone just talking randomly about it... I didn't like it so much.

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Post #566247
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4:42 pm, Aug 16 2012
Posts: 6

I don't think it was a bad ending at all.

Sure, people were left unsatisfied because not all of the plot was provided closure. But I think that the seemingly rushed ending was fortunate for the work in terms of its overall value. The reason is that the manga was about the growing of Hikaru. His growth was depicted beautifully by the 22nd volume, with Akira acknowledging Hikaru even after Sai had disappeared. In its essence, showing Hikaru and Akira get to the top of the Go world would have served little benefit to the truly appealing aspects of the story.

Had the manga continued, readers would have gotten the satisfaction of seeing everything come to an end. The little hints of future battles would have come true, and we would get to read more exciting chapters of Hikaru's Go. But at what cost? Hikaru, despite his strength, was only a 1-Dan even in the 23rd volume. To get higher in terms of dan, he would have had to play for another year and a half to reach 3-Dan even with a nearly perfect winning streak. The manga would have continued for another 200 chapters and become a Go-version of Hajime no Ippo. In my opinion, mangas like Hajime no Ippo are of much lesser value than Hikaru no Go is.

Rumors that Hikaru no Go ended due to Koreans suing the author, or due to the author having disagreements with the magazine editors are probably only partly true. Yumi Hotta-sensei stated that she was fairly happy with the way she ended the manga, and I cannot agree more. Even if the rumors are true and Hikaru no Go was axed against the author's desires, I am glad that it happened. The way Hikaru no Go ended was suitable for its purpose, and is probably the main reason why the manga still stands strongly today.

Last edited by dannyboy95 at 4:48 pm, Aug 16

Post #566270 - Reply to (#566247) by dannyboy95
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8:17 pm, Aug 16 2012
Posts: 26

Aw it got killed off? HnG is one of my favorite mangas ever, period. :/ I think the ending quote (connecting future and past) isn't QUITE as random as it seems because Hikaru's obviously talking about how Sai's, and his own eventual love for Go connected them together.

Quote from dannyboy95
I don't think it was a bad ending at all.

Sure, people were left unsatisfied because not all of the plot was provided closure. But I think that the seemingly rushed ending was fortunate for the work in terms of its overall value. The reason is that the manga was about the growing of Hikaru. His gro ...

^ agreed. I'd have liked it better if it went on for a few more chapters for better closure, but it was a good place to stop.

Post #574474

5:59 pm, Oct 22 2012
Posts: 8

in the last chapter, does hikaru or touya win? and what the hell were the words 'Can you hear my voice?' supposed to mean in chap 189! D:< I wanted to see sai revived, but they just ended it there then put in a flashback and an incomplete game! (last two chapters)

"To link the far past and the far future"
Sai did this by becoming a ghost, probably its implied that Hikaru went down the same path at the very end.

In fact, the way the manga ended, with all the characters fully fleshed and with their development clearly shown but their futures wide open, plays really well with one of the central themes about Go: Go has endless possibilities.
Might be, but i'd still like to see a continuation.
And i think the were planned at least a few more chapters (Touya Meijin mentioning a taiwanese pro, the chapter about that girl(Hana? dont remember the name) who wasnt that important in the story, cause all the other ones with their own chapter (vol 18?) were major characters)

Post #619120
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Come and Go

3:23 pm, Oct 28 2013
Posts: 337

Im sorry for reviving a 1+ year old topic, but I just finished re-reading Hikaru no Go, and also found it odd about the ending at vol 23 (unsatisfied).
Even after the extra summer story, the next generation Shindo and Akira is a boy and a girl, now they could be a real couple then. (Not Ho*o or G*y look alike)
I think it would be better if its end at vol 17. (after the revelation/return of the Hikaru no Go)
And now I cant stop thinking about the sequel (if it could be).
Fan hoping, not fiction ;
Sai return in the internet, pounding every/all other Go player. Touya Meijin is having the rematch with Sai and get defeated badly again,
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Hikaru trying to find out who is the next Host of Sai
, etc

Post #640824

1:05 pm, May 1 2014
Posts: 5

The ending is no ending. it just ended. no conclusion, no finish. might as well end in the young lions cup in the beginning. same difference.

I added the tag "rushed ending / axed", since this is what essentially is. Unless there will be a second series to conclude it all, i consider this series an unfortunate waste of time. Dont read it, as without a proper ending, its a let down to have spent 10h reading that (read all volumes in a day)

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