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New Poll - Music in Webtoons

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8:22 am, Jan 10 2015
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This week's poll was a collaboration between TundraDweller and 狂気. I don't actually read webtoons, but apparently some of them have accompanying music to it? Maybe it enhances your reading experience? What do you think? Good idea or bad idea?

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Previous Poll Results:
Question: If your life was a manga what genre would it be?
Action - votes: 207 (1.8%)
Adventure - votes: 598 (5.2%)
Comedy - votes: 725 (6.2%)
Drama - votes: 381 (3.3%)
Ecchi - votes: 253 (2.2%)
Fantasy - votes: 934 (8%)
Gender Bender - votes: 363 (3.1%)
Harem - votes: 612 (5.3%)
Hentai - votes: 397 (3.4%)
Historical - votes: 130 (1.1%)
Horror - votes: 104 (0.9%)
Martial Arts - votes: 159 (1.4%)
Mecha - votes: 131 (1.1%)
Mystery - votes: 94 (0.8%)
Psychological - votes: 964 (8.3%)
Romance - votes: 670 (5.8%)
School Life - votes: 552 (4.8%)
Sci-Fi - votes: 259 (2.2%)
Slice of Life - votes: 2807 (24.2%)
Smut - votes: 201 (1.7%)
Sports - votes: 94 (0.8%)
Supernatural - votes: 377 (3.2%)
Tragedy - votes: 594 (5.1%)
There were 11606 total votes.
The poll ended: January 10th 2015

I figured most people would answer about their current life... But of the other choices, comedy and romance reign!

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9:21 am, Jan 10 2015
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Awesome! First webtoon with music I've ever read was Dice. I think it's nice to have some bgm for climax chapters. Song of the Cloud also had music embedded, since it's a webtoon about music I thought it was a great idea.

Anyone having a hard time imagining it, try the following link (links to a raw chapter of Dice): o=39&weekday=sun#

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9:44 am, Jan 10 2015
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Music can have significant influence on how you experience something.

I picked the "Awesome" option, but it's only awesome when done well, if the music doesn't fit the chapter or even if a chapter has several different moods with the same music then it could detract from the experience.

So awesome if done right, rather not if done without care.

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9:57 am, Jan 10 2015
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Bad idea I'd say. I wouldn't be reading manga as if it were one of those music greeting cards in a store, no reason I would a webtoon. Just, no.

I'm not so much a webtoon reader than I am of regular ol' manga anyways. There's a few good ones, but many are just way overrated. Not good enough to do justice to inconsistent art, weird names, and just in-my-face colouring. Don't even mention the waste of space with non-existing paneling.

Pretty obvious, I don't enjoy having to have to read webtoons, but there's just those one or two you can't drop. But throw in music and it's a bit too much for me to handle. Music is for watching and listening, not reading damn it! My imagination works just fine!

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11:52 am, Jan 10 2015
Posts: 4764

I had no idea webtoons had music in them (maybe because I've only read a few)...
Kinda makes me wanna read more of those to experience it.

That's awesome though.

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3:22 pm, Jan 10 2015
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It's normaly just one or two chapter in some of them.

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3:28 pm, Jan 10 2015
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Okay...I picked " Awesome ", because it's CooL...

I experienced it before on many...You can find them on Various Korean Webtoon (raw/with it's original language) and they call them BGM...As for a example, if you have ever tried to read Dr. Frost or DICE on Naver...

Now, if you're it on official or unofficial English translations...then just go for No Preference...
Official Services like LINE (Naver) or Tapastics (Daum) are just maturing, so, we may see them in future...but, you can't find them on Unofficial Fan-made Translations/Scanlations because it requires licence to do so, which is not obviously possible to get...!!

Well I enjoy both way ~

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6:56 pm, Jan 10 2015
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I go with "no preference". Not a bad idea but my(a lot of us) knowledge is limited. Suggestions please ?
When i (re)read i mostly listeten to the ost´s of anime(of the manga if possibe)/games/movies with a youtube tab open.
Edit: Mystery lost together with Sports(94).
Why am i not surprised ? To be fair to all of you fellow nerds. 2 years sports(running with a backpack + full gear) at the military killed me too dead .

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I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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9:00 pm, Jan 10 2015
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I'm more of an "active" listener to music, so I tend to subconsciously concentrate on either the music or the reading while ignoring the other. Thus music would be more of a distraction in my case.
I first learned of it on Silent Sky's website when they were starting to scanlate DICE, tried reading it with the recommended BGM and ended up googling the composer and artist of the soundtrack instead - and also dropping DICE... biggrin

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9:33 pm, Jan 10 2015
Posts: 1792

I would gladly list Melo Holic (there is a really good instance where music plays, a gif is used instead of a 'frozen' image - around chapter 8) but you won't find the batoto version anymore because it got taken down by naver, so yeah... With luck you can find an original version somewhere but in the current chopped up and simply changed format I can not really recommend this...
I remember this was the first time I ran into this though and it was really Awesome!

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12:39 am, Jan 11 2015
Posts: 291

I enjoy music so I went with awesome. I've only experienced music in webcomics (specifically Ava's Demon) and definitely enjoyed it there and I think that if the music matched then of course it'd be awesome, if it didn't I wouldn't mind because for me it isn't that difficult to only pay attention to what I'm reading.

Never realized that webtoons had music though, especially Song of the Cloud will totally go check it out on Naver now.

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12:49 am, Jan 11 2015
Posts: 555

I don't read webtoons, but I think the idea of using music in webtoons is great. When I read manga, I'm always listening to music in the background. If a webtoon has its own music that can fit the mood of the story and become like the background music you hear during movies and tv shows, I think that'd be awesome.

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2:42 am, Jan 11 2015
Posts: 22

i haven't read a webtoon with music in it, but I think it would be interseting to listen too, since it would set the mood nicely, when I read whether it's webtoons or books, I usally try to play music that goes with the secen.

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3:00 am, Jan 11 2015
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I think I would love to have music in my webtoons, sadly enough, the ones I read that have been translated usually doesn't have the BGM attached to it, some of it has the BGM title written, but it's no use since it's hangeul (on the image, can't copy paste.. and I can't type in korean) and I can't search it up. So I've never tried it.

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3:37 am, Jan 11 2015
Posts: 22

I had to choose bad idea... not everyone likes the same kinds of music. I think that it adding music to a webtoon runs the risk of running off some readers.

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