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what comic? Trained secret "agent" with target picture on t-shirt

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4:02 pm, Jan 17 2015
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I remember years ago enjoying reading a comic about this american cop who supposedly died only to become a secret weapon trained in martial arts by a korean (i think)? He was made to wear a tshirt with a target drawn on it. I think there was even a movie made (really bad one). Does anyone know the name of this oneconfusedconfused

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4:43 pm, Jan 17 2015
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found it - The Destroyer smile
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Anyone knows where you can read it online?? Been checking my usual suspects but no luck... sad

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4:53 pm, Jan 17 2015
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No asking for links here but his is a thing now: r-shane-black-to-direct-the-destroyer-822866/
We may soon know what you read and the original books is on amazon: ie=UTF8&qid=1421513534&sr=1-1&keywords=Cre ated%2C+The+Destroyer
Sounds crazy so the movie may work.
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4:59 pm, Jan 17 2015
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fab! the comic was incredibly funny, and i will definitely check out the books - reviews suggest they are even funnier than the comics. The original movie is meh... but still ok. Looking forward to this movie adaptation though!!!

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