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9:34 am, Jan 29 2015
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Does it exist, or will it forever remain a fan's fantasy?

I get it that romance is not and will never be a focus in this series, and one of the most possible ending is for Change & Ashina to walk their own path with the word romance never even appear. But reading chapter 41 made me hope maybe something exist after all. Will they actually end up together, get 'like, but is enemy' ending, or the romance remain non-existent till the end? Discuss your opinion here.

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10:50 pm, Feb 15 2015
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Its existence is heavily implied as of the latest chapters (end of 41). VERY implied. You really have to read into it though by looking at their situation and the context of the dialogue between them - mostly Sun. What he says and does is important, it's not as casual as it is brief.

Does this actually mean they will turn into a thing for sure at the end? No, of course a lot of things can happen, like them being tied to their personal goals and obligations. But we know they will meet again for sure as allies at least some time in the future. Just like their dutiful ties, they are tied to each other like Sun's "promise" entails.

Answer: It's not a just a fan's fantasy, rather it's pretty canon. However, we don't know what will happen to them in the end.

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