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DIVINE MELODY Cai Sheng’s parents

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7:49 pm, Feb 6 2015
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I felt disappointed because we learned nothing about what happened to Cai Sheng’s parents throughout the whole Manhua! Omake aside, we don’t see their faces or see/meet them. Did her parents died the whole time [ because they mentioned they killed a fox fairy/demon in the past and her mom by extension?] I know that this is about her love life and her fox spirit life AND I know blood doesn't make one family obligatory, but not even a cameo of them in heaven? I guess I expected a little too much from it because of Tangled [ I wanted a family reunion but those who read this know that never happen! ] I wanted to see her want to meet her real parents, not as filial to them as I thought. Forgive my rant, I am so confused! Please anyone that agree with this plothole and can shed some perspective/theory on this whole missing parents things will earn my gratitude!!!

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