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the names of 6 harlequin mangas

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10:01 pm, Feb 11 2015
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I want to know the 6 names of the harlequin mangas from this picture. AACQI/FPvaJ7IrbL0/000.jpg?imgmax=3000

Thanks in advance.

Post #661509 - Reply to (#661445) by bibisuki
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5:05 am, Feb 13 2015
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Muku na Koushaku Fujin
kaze no uta o kike
tameiki no gogo
sabaku no yuuwaku however in the picture you're looking for the seconde story.
Amalfi no hanayome
Sheikh to dokomade mo

Here it is with titles to the picture:

Plus the added bonus of a good Josei harlequin biggrin

Post #661603 - Reply to (#661509) by Truthfulyume658
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11:40 pm, Feb 14 2015
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Thank You Very Much!!! biggrin (also for the extra ) smile wink grin

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