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Peacemaker's Minagawa (and orhers) to Draw Parasyte 1-Shot Manga

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6:40 pm, Feb 23 2015
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The April issue of Kodansha's Afternoon magazine is announcing on Wednesday that manga creator Ryoji Minagawa will collaborate with Parasyte (Kiseijū) creator Hitoshi Iwaaki to draw "Perfect Solider", a one-shot based on the Parasyte story.

But more importantly this:
The one-shot is part of a monthly series of original "Neo Kiseijū" (Neo Parasyte) stories by different creators. er-minagawa-to-draw-parasyte-1-shot-manga/.85275
The first of it´s kind: l-blues-hiramoto-to-draw-parasyte-1-shot/.77849
I still have not looked at any of them but i look forward to the collection as the classic deserves promotion and is rich for further variations of the theme.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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