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who else hates soowon? (May be spoilers)

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Post #662486
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8:55 pm, Mar 2 2015
Posts: 13

Because I hardcore hate him. I feel that his motives we have been presented with up to 72 are lousy and flimsy at best and do not make up for what he has done to Yona. Also I feel that they were unnecessary!
Feel free to tell me otherwise though

Post #662487
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9:05 pm, Mar 2 2015
Posts: 343

I'm a hardcore hater as well.
Sometimes it feels like the Mangaka is trying to make him seem less evil and to be sympathised with and that just makes me hate him even more. I am really looking forward to him suffering a painful and humiliating defeat - anything less will make me fall out with this manga.

Post #662493
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9:42 pm, Mar 2 2015
Posts: 13

Oh my gosh yes! I agree with that! Im hoping for him to at least be redeemed and die in the end. I couldnt stand it if he stayed king

Post #662496
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World overseer

10:46 pm, Mar 2 2015
Posts: 362

Hmm.. I don't hate him. But maybe it's because his looks are my type. . Anyway, for some reason I can't help but see Soo-Won as a good guy. Maybe it's because I like the type who hides their abilities too.... Mm-hmm... I don't know......... Personally, Yona is growing up because of him, so I can't really hate him. yeah..

Post #662498
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11:48 pm, Mar 2 2015
Posts: 44

My main beef with Soowon is that he's a traitor and a kinslayer. How can you trust your country with someone who could so easily kill his own family? He also has some weird thing where he feels that he has to hide the fact that he isn't a total dumbass to even his allies. There's no need for him to do it to this extent, and I feel that it will end up turning out badly for him. His inefficacy as a leader bothers me most, I think. laugh

Post #662862
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2:40 am, Mar 11 2015
Posts: 1

I think he has his reasons for what he did: king is a coward, revenge, etc. But that gives him no right to absolutely crush Yona's hear and try to kill her. The bastard should honestly rot in hell. Not only did he kill her father right before her eyes, but had her own people turn against her and hunt her down. The worst part is that he isn't just some ordinary person to Yona. They are childhood friends and the one she truly loved to the point where she wanted to marry him. He deceived her for his own selfish motives.

I say once more...... ROT IN HELL SOOWON!!! mad mad mad

Post #663498

11:22 am, Mar 24 2015
Posts: 1

I hate SooWon with a passion, and I have even just registered so I can express my hate...
I don't hate his killing of Yona's king. This kind of conspiracy is not rare in ancient dynasties. What I hate is, he is the freaking main culprit of Yona's pain, yet he has to keep giving this "sad expression" as if he wants to be with Yona and was forced to part with her.
He pushes Yona into hell, and then acts as if he loves her so much and is in pain watching her burning. This is what I can't take about him.
Every time he gives that "I feel bad" expression when hearing about Yona's suffering or death, it is just like seeing a crocodile tearing over the prey he just slaughtered. Extremely disgusting and annoying.
Also, in episode 23 when he covered Yona.... I saw many SooWon fans saying that was very gentle of him... I just feel that was a joke. He damn caused her tragedy, how is that even gentle of him?
Stabbing someone badly, and then giving her some medicine is called gentle? Mind just not have stabbed her in the first place?
I was literally cussing in front of the screen when Yona failed to stab him in episode 23. Damn. mad

Post #663664

4:13 am, Mar 27 2015
Posts: 3

Give SooWon some credit here. I don't think what he did was particular good, but it wasn't particularly evil either. Yes Yona may have suffered by him murdering the king, but if she was living in blissful ignorance in the castle while the kingdom around her burned, she would be the hated character. I think SooWon is more in touch with the people of the empire and what is actually going on than most of the other leaders and that is why he decided to kill King Il. As for how he acts among others, I see no problem with they way he behaves. Roosevelt used to say speak softly, and carry a big stick. It's a pretty good policy in my opinion.

Post #664158
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1:38 am, Apr 6 2015
Posts: 90

As far as a character goes, the mangaka makes him contradict himself for dramatic effect. I mean look at this realistically, if you care for someone, you would never try to kill them unless you had some type of mental illness. Now as far as all the sad looks he gives when he hears about her suffering, the mangaka just puts that in for dramatic effect. Thats something they learn in manga school to add to the drama (and the love triangle as well) I gave this manga up early mainly because of this. As the bad guy, he will probably NEVER get what he deserves in the end and it makes me sick know that she still has feelings for him despite all this.

The other reason I gave this manga up was because I didn't feel like watching another love triangle that goes absolutely nowhere and I also have a feeling that her protector will probably die in the end.

Post #664159
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1:53 am, Apr 6 2015
Posts: 348

HATE him. He's hurt my precious Yona and I want his blood.

Post #668794
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8:22 pm, Jul 13 2015
Posts: 173

I like his looks but my opinion for the character has nothing to do with this. I believe at latter point there will be more details for King Il's character however from what I gathered so far, Yona's father deserved his fate - to leave his country to ruin causing the deaths of countless citizens and if the truth for Soo Won's father is really what was said, Soo Won had more than enough justification for his actions. In fact exile may have worked as well but seeing the problems latter on it seems unlikely. Too bad for Yona but what happened in the beginning is unavoidable. Being ignorant was a sin that she pays for during her travels. The only thing that Soo Won is guilty of is not being able to protect Yona when it counted.
Not that I don't get why Yona and Hak are hostile toward Soo Won. I don't expect him to be forgiven. But from the my point of view there was nothing wrong with his actions concerning the previous king.

Post #669577
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9:48 pm, Jul 29 2015
Posts: 8

Are you kidding? Su-Won is my fav. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM. He is very complex. He is as dark as he is good. He is a great king who cares a lot of his country and people, and gives the most emotional rollercoaster to the story specially because of his friendship with Hak and Yona. His amazing relationship with makes me cry reading the manga even more than Su-Won with Yona. Su-Won can be cruel if that means a way to achieve a greater goal...that can be good and bad, but I'm anxious to see more of him because deep down...he is not that "evil".

Post #669586
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7:04 am, Jul 30 2015
Posts: 26

I am still on the fence with Soo-Won....yeah I understand that he's willing to do anything to make Kouka the kingdom as glorious as it once was (making him an actually amazing king), but my main gripe is his reasoning for killing Yona's dad. Soo-Won explained waaaay back in chapter 2 that the King murdered his own brother, AKA Soo-Won's dad. We're already at volume 17/18 and there is still NO other mentions of what really happened! Did King Il really kill Soo-Won's dad or not? Maybe I would feel better about Soo-Won if his killing was "justified." roll

Either way, whenever he shows up I get interested and I am always on the edge of my seat when there is a possibility of him meeting up with Yona & Hak (I basically freaked out throughout volume 16). I like the complexity of the trio's relationship and its pretty heartbreaking that they have to be on different sides to get what they want accomplished.

Last edited by polarpotterbear at 7:13 am, Jul 30

Post #682850
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10:27 am, Aug 8 2016
Posts: 9

Im not sure what to think about him. I mean thirst I was also like "Wow, how can he do this? Everyone trusted him!" but now I think there is still more to it. I read the Manga till now (chap. 127) and I think there will be more to him. He is a very difficult character and when he is shown in his position as King I think he is a good guy. I think his behavior isn't fitting with the Kingslayer role from the beginning. :-/

Post #686128
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Scarlet Sorceress

6:26 pm, Nov 26 2016
Posts: 63

I don't hate him - he is in a very complicated situation. I too feel he could have handled the king II in another way... Maybe he feels right about killing the king because of revenge for his father who was killed by the king and because the king left the kingdom to rot. On the other hand he was a father figure for all of Soo-Won's life. What makes sense to me however: To become and stay believable as the newly crowned king he has to enforce killing Princess Yona (who saw what happened) and Hak (who is considered a great threat plus the scapegoat). But as a person (not as king) he doesn't really want to.

I don't like him either - to me he feels like a ticking timebomb. Someday he will make our heroes' lives hell again.

However I enjoy the dramatic conflict his existense brings. I have to agree with polarpotterbear, every time he makes an appearance it gets more interesting (though kind of unbelievable that they meet up ALL the time after a while haha)

Last edited by kujika at 6:32 pm, Nov 26

~Give time when it's needed~
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