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who else hates soowon? (May be spoilers)

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Post #686378

2:04 pm, Dec 4 2016
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Soo-Won seems a little bit psycho 'cause he doesn't have any special people to him. It can be considered a good trait for a ruler not to have any favourite, but for a person it sucks.
He's like a child genius who doesn't know his own limitations and doesn't consider possibility to be wrong/incorrect. And quite likely, he's got a bloodthirst from his father (who was a butcher on a battlefield) judging by his killing of King Il and belligerent intentions.
And about King Il - I have a theory that all his mellowness and 'cowardice' have roots in Yona being reborn dragon king. If you read 'RG Veda' - you'll get what I mean.

Post #686413

1:17 am, Dec 6 2016
Posts: 443

He's a good villain. I like the conflict he causes within Yona and Hak and to their relationship. They are trying to make him into a tragic character, but I want to see Hak kill him. He still betrayed them.

Post #688760
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4:35 am, Feb 24 2017
Posts: 1199

I have a strong feeling he would die in the end. He is dying slowly inside anyway.
He keeps using excuse for the greater good for whatever he has done. Sacrificing his own feelings, his bestfriend, his blood relatives so far. Becoming a king, not a person.
He is a pitiful existence as a human.

The time when Yona can show him a better way for the sake of Kouka, he'll start losing his way.

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Post #689457

9:18 pm, Mar 19 2017
Posts: 1

I hate him even though I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to.

The thing is, he's supposed to be super intelligent, but then he just ... has these huge blind spots, for lack of a better word, where things go wrong and he should have seen them coming. The Fire Tribe was basically committing war crimes against the Wind Tribe for his sake, and he knew nothing about it - which is exactly the type of thing people criticize King Il for. He is shocked when he's told that Yona and Hak were killed, even though he himself knew his people saw them as the enemy and he did nothing, absolutely nothing, to stop that perception. Of course his people are going to try and kill Hak or Yona or both - Soo-Won made them out to be the enemy! And again, he's shocked when he finds out that Hak wants to kill him. Were you ... not paying attention, dude?

It also makes me nervous that his entire administration was basically okay with a teenage girl dying so he could be king. I don't know if the original plan was to marry him to Yona after Il was murdered or what, but the fact that so many people who pledge loyalty to him were okay with not only murdering Il, but also Yona ... that's not good. There was a legal way for Soo-Won to become king, but all these people were more willing to endorse a plan where people were murdered rather than go the legal way and get the same result.

Furthermore, Soo-Won prioritized getting revenge on Il and murdering him in cold blood over a peaceful transition of power. If he had enough influence over the generals to become king, he certainly had enough influence for them to persuade Il to let Soo-Won marry Yona. We don't have any evidence that there was any attempt on Soo-Won's part to do this, though, which makes me think he was prioritizing his whole "He killed my father" thing over the good of the kingdom.

I could keep going, but the gist of it is, with the information we have available right now, Soo-Won's motives and actions make no sense unless he himself is not a good person.

Post #691692
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4:11 pm, May 21 2017
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I dislike his betrayal of our MCs but I don't exactly hate him. He's a pitiful and a very conflicted character and I'm interested in how he'll turn out and also what his end goals are besides the obvious.

It's clear that even though he's trying to do what he can for the better of Kouka through whatever means, he still has deeply ingrained feelings for Hak and Yona. I find him pitiful because the only ones standing in the way of his goals from his goals are those very ones he loves. I mean think about it, he's trying to unify the 5 tribes to make his country stronger but already from the latest chapters there are potential divisions happening amongst the tribes. There are budding leaders from the fire tribe and the water tribe already allied with Yona and the wind tribe has been there for her from the beginning. The earth tribe and sky tribe may be the only tricky ones winning over but seeing Yona's progress so far in such a short amount of time, it wouldn't be a far stretch for her to win them over too eventually. Especially given her circumstances with Soowon being a traitor. And say, even if it came to a civil war between all the tribes and between the generals, Yona has a lot more people on her side than Soowon does. And the key difference here is that between the two kings Yona is loved by those around her and who follow her while people follow Soowon out of respect as a leader. Hak, the four dragons, the heirs of the Fire and Water tribes, a lot of countless people and villagers, and now the possibility of the princesses and the country of Xing... She has people who are willing to die and go to hell and back for her sake. Soowon may command a lot of respect, have all the qualifications and leadings of a king with people willing to follow him but his weakness lies in the fact that he's cut out the only two people who truly loved and cared for him in the very beginning. I mean it's sad that he can't even win over the loyalty of his personal attendant Minsoo... while Yona does it easily even with people she just met. There is a clear cut difference between their methods and regardless if both our antagonist and protagonists' goals are the same, that which will define them as the characters will be exactly how they work towards their goals. There is no warmth with Soowon; he is a genius manipulator, a wolf in sheep's clothing who no one truly knows, and believes that the end justifies the means while Yona doesn't. That's why people love her and are willing to die for her. But who would die for Soowon? Perhaps some people who believe in preserving the interests of the state? Maybe the Earth tribe because it benefited their country? The Sky tribe because he's own of their own (with some other goals in mind)? No matter how you look at it, Soowon has already lost. He himself acknowledges it won't end well for him. What started with bloodshed will end with bloodshed.

It'll be great if he was made into a tragic character. I want him to die alone in a terrible way in the end with a somewhat realistic outcome with him being the character that he is but this being a shoujo series, I doubt that will happen. Most likely, the mangaka will provide some justifications for his treachery and redeem his character by shedding light into exactly what he is trying to do. However, Kouka has no room for two kings and I see him either being killed off by a third party trying to protect Yona or letting himself be killed by Yona. Also, they would start having conflicting interests with Yona trying to protect people and Soowon trying to win all these wars.

All in all, he's an interesting character that we as readers have not been allowed to divulge into much. Where exactly does his loyalties lie? We've seen him through the lens of our protagonists in the beginning that justifiably painted him in a negative light but seeing how the dragons react to him in a rather neutral way and with Yona's insane character growth and different objectives now, where exactly does he stand in relation with our protagonist?

Post #692156
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Forever Young

5:18 am, Jun 3 2017
Posts: 229

Soo Woon is a great anti hero..
But I wish that he will get dethroned someday!!!!
He doesn't deserve to be the King... Even if his intentions are good for the kingdom...
I still cannot stomach the fact that he tried to kill Yona and betrayed Hak his very dear friend...
For me a person who throws his friends are SCUMS... (It's only my opinion though)
Yona is the rightful heir to the throne and she is steadily getting stronger...

"The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
- Albert Einstein
Post #755180 - Reply to (#662862) by closet-otaku

2:59 pm, Mar 13 2018
Posts: 1

well there are lot of people who say's soowon is a great ruler and he sacrificed everything for it !!!!
but that is ********* you know ?
KING LL may be irresponsible but "IS NO COWARD". HAK thought that too!!! right?
IF king ll was a coward who only values his life then HE SHOULD HAVE KILLED SOOWOON ALONG WITH HIS FATHER. But he didnt WHY confused because he is a human who doesnt want to end a childs life just because of what his father did. and he anticipated soowoon to kill him one day but he cared for yona and took the blame as bad father who doesnt approve of his daugther's love.

why soowoon is a backstabbing bastrard because he knew one day he have to become a threat to yona yet he acted like he CARED for her,LOVED her and worst HE GAVE HOPES for her!!!
i mean how could u call that a love !!!!! mad mad

how could u "KILL THE PERSON YOU COME TO CARE FOR ??" of course king should never be swayed by emotion but if he dont stand for the pearson he care's and does his duty as a king. hmm ofcourse YOU ARE ONE THING BUT WHERE is a HEART in there confused
A KING SHOULD have a HEART. without that no matter how great he may lead his kingdom to prosperity he wont be able to see a person's heart OR THE PEOPLE'S.


i adgree with you . a human should not lose his way from humanity even its for a greater cause. it will cost them their existence as a human with heart.

Last edited by lambchopsil at 3:11 pm, Mar 13

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