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New Poll - Sexual Orientation and Preferred Romance Series

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7:01 am, Mar 14 2015
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This week's poll comes from JanuaryDreams. I've noticed that we've been doing a lot of demographic and romance related polls recently...

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Which mood in a series do you most enjoy?
Lighthearted / comedy - votes: 3270 (36.8%)
Dark / sad - votes: 1246 (14%)
Serious / straight - votes: 1099 (12.4%)
Tension / drama - votes: 1223 (13.8%)
Fearful / foreboding - votes: 308 (3.5%)
Happy / feel-good - votes: 1731 (19.5%)
There were 8877 total votes.
The poll ended: March 13th 2015

Romcoms, hehe

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7:20 am, Mar 14 2015
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I didn't vote in the previous poll because I think a good story should balance as many of those elements/moods as possible; those are the true masterpieces, imo. A single mood predominating always gets tiresome after a while, be it tragedy or comedy.

What's with all the sexuality/sex/romance related polls lately?

The winner in this one is obviously the first option, but it'll still be interesting to see the percentage distribution among the other choices. Vacillated between the last and the 8th for ages, myself, but finally decided on the 8th because I almost always vote for "no preference/don't like it" in romance polls. And that particular choice needs some love anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm one of ~10 people who end up having picked it! biggrin

I usually either avoid romance as much as possible, or read stories that are solely romance (maybe with some slice-of-life, drama, and comedy added). I don't like strong romance themes (ie: to the extent that it gets marked in the genre field) in fiction with actual plots, because it makes the story and characterisation terribly predictable (though there are exceptions). I don't consciously differentiate between same-sex and het romance, but since het romance is present in about 80% of fiction regardless of whether they're meant to be love stories or not, when I specifically read romance manga I always somehow end up with BL and GL, because with het it's always like "Oh, I've seen this plot in that other manga, and also in about 10 movies and 5 or 6 anime." (This is by no means meant to imply that het romances are cliché; they're obviously a lot less cliché than same-sex romances. It's just that I'm the kind of person who gets tired of something if she's exposed to it too much, regardless of how good/nice/cute/sweet/exciting a thing it is. And since I'm from a very conservative country, I've never been exposed to anything resembling a same-sex relationship, which is probably the reason I haven't tired of GL or BL yet)

Maybe 'cos I'm asexual, I get sick of romantic relationships in general and the sexual aspect of it in particular very easily, though there are again cases where this isn't true; this is why same-sex stuff is a better choice for me: since most of them are short and not very involving, I can scratch that itch and move on within a couple of hours. (That's not to say I don't love longer series like Gunjou and Yami no Kodou, of course. But they're just exceptions, after all)

I really hope this won't turn into a bashing thread, though. But that's a pretty frail hope since practically every topic dealing with even tangentially related themes has devolved into insults, name-calling, and irrelevant rants.

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7:20 am, Mar 14 2015
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I am straight and like reading boy/girl romances.

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7:31 am, Mar 14 2015
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I don't think anyone should be surprised by the results. The majority of the world's population is heterosexual.

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8:05 am, Mar 14 2015
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Why only a option for romance hater, I miss the option: I like reading romances overall.
Which option should I choose if I love straight AND gay romances? *sigh*

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8:17 am, Mar 14 2015
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Same I'm straight and enjoy same sex stories but also love boy/girl -- but for the sake of the poll and if I had to pick I will go for boys love so - straight same sex romance it is (^ ^)

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10:28 am, Mar 14 2015
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Only one option of "same-sex", rather than separating it into lesbian or gay seems a bit weird, as there are plenty of people who hate yaoi, but like yuri and presumably vice-versa
...but then again, there the options for homosexuals is "gay/lesbian", rather than specifying which, so...
I'm a bit confused by this poll.

I'm straight and straight or yuri romances are both fine by me, but I seem to have a slight preference for yuri ...and I usually avoid BL. (there was one that, after seeing the first episode, I thought was funny enough that I'd give it a shot ...but not only did I notice the original manga was yaoi, but it also had the whole "rape at the start of the relationship"-thing, so...)


10:41 am, Mar 14 2015
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I chose "Bisexual and like reading boy / girl romance". Same sex romance can be alright but I find most yaoi stories tend to not really be enticing to me. Yuri can be pretty cool but a lot of the time I find myself not really liking the characters. Boy girl romance stories are abundant and there are all types of plots so I have a bevy to choose from leading me to not getting burned out as much.

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11:01 am, Mar 14 2015
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And the demographic and sexual orientation psychological tests continue! I wonder who is keeping track of the free information as such studies can cost a pretty penny in the real world. This could be "interesting" but the poll is worded positive so it should work out. "Other" hm? So Cyberdyne, the Face of Boe and Xenomorphs are avid readers too?
This time i would have picked no sexual orientation preference regarding the story´s i like to read as the problematic word "manga" is nowhere to be found but i can only vote with what i have so the square Straight and like reading boy / girl romance (asexual isn´t that far off) it is. We are at near 10% romance hate already! That number is way more interesting to me then to accidentally find out who outs themselves and i have a feeling that this poll will have a high amount of lurkers/Gossip Girls for that reason alone.
Here are statistiX for you caozhi.

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I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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11:29 am, Mar 14 2015
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Sigh... The post is wrong again.

You need to factor in that some people like only one gender or the other in same-sex romance. On the last poll I voted I prefer yuri romance and I was a guy. On this one I won't vote "Straight and like reading same-sex romance" because I strongly dislike guy on guy romance. Pick the right poll people...

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Mad With a Hat

11:34 am, Mar 14 2015
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Hehe, lambs, you actually added "other" this time, eh?
But I have a feeling many people will still be left displeased.

I'm bisexual and when romance is the center of the plot,
I pretty much read same-sex romances exclusively.

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12:01 pm, Mar 14 2015
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I think it would have been nice to have an option that allowed you to choose both straight and same-sex relationships.

Anyhow, I voted other and same-sex romance. smile

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12:05 pm, Mar 14 2015
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Straight and voted for boy/girl romance. Would have voted for same-sex romance as well, if possible.

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1:40 pm, Mar 14 2015
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I agree with the people who say there should be a "both/all" option. If not, instead of phrasing it as "like reading x," it ought to be "tend to read more x." People are perfectly capable of having more than one like and dislike.

There's been so many polls on this topic recently, so I wouldn't really suggest another. I think the "hate romance" numbers are a little exaggerated because people are tired of this poll.

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1:52 pm, Mar 14 2015
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This poll seriously needs to seperate yuri and yaoi instead of lumping them together. Yuri is great, I but can't stand yaoi. My prefs would be yuri-> hetero ->->->->->->->->->->->->-> ->->->->->->->->->->->->-> ->->-> getting my head bashed in ->->->->->->-> yaoi.

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