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Where is Jaimini's~Box~?

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2:41 pm, Apr 5 2015
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My first instinct upon seeing the release this morning was "YES! Since it seems like Viz might not pick up the series permanently, thank god some group decided to pick up this still-young masterpiece!"

But, uhm, they're a brand-new group, this is their first release, they're not on batoto yet, and thanks to mangaupdates' newer side of rules, their website can't be linked from their scanlator page.

So, where can I find their releases first?

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2:44 pm, Apr 5 2015
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Oops, nevermind, found them on batoto! Whew.

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2:57 pm, Apr 5 2015
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No asking where to download. If you can't find it, then too bad.

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