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New Poll - Old vs. New Group

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6:36 pm, Apr 18 2015
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This week's poll from Nekomikoto is a bit wordy, but it actually happens a lot. Say you're reading a series that you like, and just one particular group is working on it. Suddenly a new group pops up and starts doing releases for the same series. Which group's releases are you going to choose now?

I feel the tendency is that the new group is the faster one, with usually less quality. So for a while I'll stick with the old group, but then the old group drops the project because they can't handle the load (and probably has other projects to work on). Then I play catch up with the new group since I'm behind a bunch of chapters now.

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Previous Poll Results:
Question: On average, do you tend to skip anime opening / ending songs?
I watch each once and then skip the repeats - votes: 6134 (48%)
I mostly skip openings - votes: 263 (2.1%)
I mostly skip endings - votes: 1468 (11.5%)
I watch both most of the time - votes: 2069 (16.2%)
I skip both most of the time - votes: 2479 (19.4%)
I don't watch anime - votes: 378 (3%)
There were 12791 total votes.
The poll ended: April 18th 2015

Almost 50% will watch once and skip the rest. I fall in this camp too.

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7:05 pm, Apr 18 2015
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I disagree with the result that endings are generally more skip worthy then openings and proper credit to the creators is important but both are music videos in the end that ultimately waste valuable air time and should live on youtube or as trailers instead. The creators also loose about 1,7% of their profits to these artists and you can read about it here:
The Anime Economy - Part 2: Shiny Discs (The best feature ANN ever did so read all.)

I will go for the faster version a first but if both are still up for it i then i will read the higher quality version. That version can be one of the two or the official release but i am talking about the quality of the translation only here as i don´t care that much about resolutions, clean ups and so on. I further have no problem to read a web translations with the raw in front of me or go to mangalator.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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8:25 pm, Apr 18 2015
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I read both but it really depend on the quality of the translator/editors which one I'll follow so sometimes I just read the faster one and download the better one for re-reading. If there is not much difference in the release time I just read my preferred scanlators for example with One Piece an other of my favs Karneval has a lot more time so I read both of that manga.


8:42 pm, Apr 18 2015
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I mainly read the faster one, unless the quality drop is extreme. Generally, though, the difference isn't that big. Sometimes, the only difference between translators is how much of the translation they keep in Japanese, such as "brother" vs "oni-chan", or "*sparkle sparkle*" vs "*kira kira*". I'm not to particular for things like that one way or the other; so long as the English competent enough and the scan isn't too messed up, I'll take it.

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1:22 am, Apr 19 2015
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It depend on how i feel about the manga
If it's one I put on hold so there's more chapter, i tend to stick with better quality.
If it's one I like that I don't want to wait on, I read the faster release
There's also case where I prefer certain group's tone of voice more like in black haze
A formal approach versus informal/rather rude approach. I prefer informal, it seems to fit more with the character.

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3:56 am, Apr 19 2015
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I tend to re-read some manga's these days when i cant be bothered finishing old series, therefore if there are ever two translators working on a series i am invested into a series i would stick to the faster translation.

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4:52 am, Apr 19 2015
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If the difference only a few hours, i'd rather read the higher quality one. It's not like i need to be up to date reader, read the series fresh from the oven after release. I like to read after it has more chapters released or completed. But a certain manga i read every week. Had tried to read the faster version too, but since the difference is noticeable, i'd rather wait for the better version.

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2:41 pm, Apr 19 2015
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First, read both.
then select the one that suit my taste better
Usually it's the older one.
then, pick just one, usually the older one.

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10:52 pm, Apr 19 2015
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I'll read the higher quality version if there is enough of a difference for me to notice it. This also includes if one group feels the need to distract me away from the manga by sticking large watermarks proclaiming their scanlation group on every single page (and not even just discretely in a corner either), which means that I'll always read the version by the group that isn't doing that if given the choice... just because I find them distracting.

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11:36 pm, Apr 19 2015
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Mixture between option 1 & 5 for me. Immediately went for option 1 though, i.e. in case of Toriko I will stick with the longterm scanslators even if the highjackers deliver not necessarily inferior quality and might be faster. Just because I dislike this behavior of highjacking, especially if there already is a group that releases it at high quality and has been doing so for a long time.

Nothing against a good group picking up abandoned, badly translated, or almost dead projects. But the group in question really annoyed me with their way of highjacking popular projects that are already being done by other groups. All being done since a certain manga ended.

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12:22 am, Apr 20 2015
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I'll normally go with Read the faster version...but, it depends on quality...

If I'm going to keep it, then the higher quality version...

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2:56 am, Apr 20 2015
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it depends.

recently i have noticed groups who rage quit a translation because some other group did it faster, i don't care if the translations they do are good or not, this makes me never look for that group again for any reason.

also, there are the cases where the good group has its head up its ass requiring better than professional edits to even consider putting a chapter out even when they are several chapters if not volumes behind... while i can appreciate the strive for quality... my god just put out a low quality and a high quality version.

generally ill keep up with whoever is fastest, and when i go for the re read i get who ever is best.

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3:37 am, Apr 20 2015
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I tend to keep with the old group if that group was scanning in high - good quality, and especially so if there isn't much of a quality difference.

I don't like the practice of poaching manga from other groups, especially when the new group starts scanlating current chapters while the old one is scanlating older chapters that haven't been done yet. This tends to end with the older group stopping because they don't see the point in continuing and those chapters in between never getting completed no .

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7:20 am, Apr 20 2015
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I go with the faster ones, unless the quality is just plain terrible. For the most part, I only care about the quality of the actual translation (ie, minimal engrish, no idiotic troll/joke "translations", etc) and not the image quality, image quality only comes into play for me when it makes the text unreadable. I'm a power-reader (i'm currently actively following over 430 manga), it's just not worth waiting days/weeks/months for a chapter that I'm going to burn through in just a few minutes, just to get slightly higher quality.


12:25 am, Apr 21 2015
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Higher quality version. And more often than not, the new group that starts doing the same series is not high quality, just speed scanning which usuallly brings out lower quality. I know it's all "illegal" but if you're gonna do it, do it so that you don't damage the work so much. It's the least we can do.

I've altogether quit a great series because of low quality faster releases by another group which led to the higher quality scans by the original group to end up dropped the series. I know I'm missing out but I'd truly rather not. It's quite rude. If you want faster scans, just ask to join that group to contribute you know? often times it's because the current staff have other things on hand in life so it slows things down. they're not there to serve you for instant gratification.

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