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Virtual Reality | Time Frequency Perception

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Blue Princess

9:39 pm, May 29 2015
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First of all, they referenced the oculus gear:
I know this webtoon isn't made Facebook, so is that even legal place a copyrighted logo in your webcomic without certain permission.

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I'm curious about how the time spent in Virtual Reality corresponds with the time in Real Life.

I'm sure the novel explained it at one point, but I skimmed the novel allot, so I'm not completely sure.

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If I remember correctly, 24 hours in real life -equals- 4 days in Virtual Reality.

Can someone explain how this could be possible?

Because I feel like when the topic is introduced in the webtoon manhwa, it won't be explained properly.

Did Legendary Moonlight Sculptor explain it as a neurological phenomenon or something else?

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11:31 pm, May 29 2015
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The VR systems hijacks brain function and drags their consciousness to the server. It's not VR like Oculus where it's just a headset.

Pretty sure LMS appropriated the concept from Sword Art Online or some similar setting.

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4:51 am, Sep 15 2015
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the easiest way to explain the time difference is that when you are in the machine you are essentially in a dream like state and things pass at a faster time in the dream than in real life. that's why in the novel they talk about having to edit the broadcast that they are getting live feeds from weed for the tv versions and in other instances people watch weed's stuff in real time in taverns all across the lands in the game.

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2:58 pm, Sep 19 2016
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