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Bunko Editions Available Now!

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4:42 pm, Jun 20 2015
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I'm shocked no one's reported this yet, but the first two Bunko editions went on sale June 16th in Japan. I learned of this from the 'Zekiship 2nd' Tumblr page. They posted on June 14th.

Sadly, these volumes are reusing old art for the covers. They will be approx. 375 pages each, and I do not know if they will feature new bonus content or not.

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3:01 am, Jun 29 2015
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Well, the volumes 1 and 2 I ordered came. Aside from being printed on Premium paper, there don't appear to be any bonuses, just so ya'll know.

Update: I didn't notice the QR Code inside both of the covers. (1 & 2 have the same code). The code takes you to a page where you can click on small images of Yuuki, Kaname, Zero, Ichijo or Aidou. Here's what they say in Japanese and a loose english translation. It seems they each have a 'message' for the buyer:

Yuuki: (happy) "ありがとう! " "Thank you!"
Kaname: (smirking) "いいよ" "Good."
Zero: (pointing gun at the camera) "別に嬉しくな んかないんだか らな。。。" ["I'm not happy about this or anything" … (Not positive on that)]
Ichijo: (Making a sad face) "色々申し訳な い" "I'm truly sorry for everything…"
Aidou: (sparkling) "全部枢様が素 敵すぎるのがい けないんです" ["Through it all, Kaname-sama was just too wonderful!!" - not 100% sure about this one either.]


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