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Do you want to be PAID to translate? Looking for a Korean translator!

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12:38 pm, Jun 29 2015
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We're looking for an experienced Korean translator to help us translate a few shoujo manhwa volumes/chapters. This is paid work and is open to negotiation. Deadline for volumes is roughly 1-2 weeks

Please email me at skypieces13[at] biggrin

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1:04 pm, Jul 19 2015
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Bump! smile

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8:15 pm, Jan 19 2016
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Bump! We're looking again smile

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5:19 am, Jun 10 2016
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Are you still looking for a Korean translator? I would be interested in joining. ^^

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9:24 am, Jun 10 2016
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One one thread per group is allowed.
I've closed the other one.

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