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Manga with caring and perverted male lead

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10:27 pm, Jul 11 2015
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hey guys! so i'm looking for a manga where the guy is a pervert, caring and deeply loves the girl ^^ and the girl to be smart and strong willed , she doesn't have to be physically strong though smile it's okay as long as she's not dumb . to be specific, i really liked the main character from Shinobi Shijuusou .

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Freedom is life

7:11 am, Jul 16 2015
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Ai Kora seems to fit.

Edit: I didn't notice this was in Shoujo/Josei, my bad.

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8:42 am, Jul 16 2015
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Momoiro Heaven!

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2:56 am, Oct 28 2015
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kainushi wa akuma
sugar family
lip smoke
sekai de ichiban daikirai
ookami-heika no hanayome
sabaku no harem
steel rose

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an Everlasting~

12:30 pm, Oct 28 2015
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I know it's older and long but Tokyo Crazy Paradise fits. As well as Mikami-sensei no Aishikata, it's quite funny.

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12:47 pm, Jun 2 2020
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I second this

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8:49 pm, Jun 2 2020
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Don't Cry, Girl

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9:41 pm, Aug 9 2020
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Maid sama comes to mind! even though Usui wasnt a pervert but it was a very cute anime nonetheless 😀

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1:41 pm, Aug 16 2020
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Kind playboy, cares a lot about female lead
Red River
Same as the one above
Very cheerful kind male lead, but yeah he is a pervert alright.
Lucia (Taruvi)
The male lead has a massive sex drive, kind of a jerk at the start, but changes as the story progresses. Both the comic and novel is great 🙂
Jujin kareshi to kodokuri seikatsu.
I mean if you don't mind smutty human x beastman action then this one fits, got a gentle, but perverted male lead.

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6:24 pm, Aug 16 2020
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Totsuzen desu ga, Ashita Kekkon shimasu

Kimochi Yokute Koe mo Denai? Is more smutty tho

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7:13 am, Dec 21 2020
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I second momoiro heaven!

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