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Volume 9

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5:35 am, Jul 27 2015
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I'm wondering if the mangaka is in hiatus because we were left with such a cliffhanger in chapter 50 but there has been nothing since last year. Sublime is not listing the volume for release yet either.

Has anyone heard anything?

Post #671911 - Reply to (#669454) by blueseeker

8:46 am, Sep 23 2015
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*This is 100% guess and assumption but
I'm thinking that volume 9 is going to take a while to release in Japan,
just because the manga is being serialized in a magazine.
They'll probably wait until they have enough to compose/compress it into a full volume.
And that's before Sublime licenses and translates it.

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5:10 pm, May 30 2016
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Well, the official release date is June 10, 2016. Let's celebrate!

Post #687092 - Reply to (#680509) by Hermaphrodite

7:28 pm, Dec 26 2016
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When will they release the next volume?? (vol 10), And isn't it monthy chapter release in japan??so if every vol contains about 10 chapter then , shouldn't every volume come after 10 month or so?? cry

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