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[URGENT] I'm a translator please recruit me

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11:25 am, Aug 3 2015
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Let's settle everything by MP biggrin

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1:15 pm, Aug 3 2015
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There's a little more to it than that. What languages do you speak, what genres do you like to read, will you translate manga only or do you do LN. There's a need for translators but you might want to let people know what you can do first. Good luck biggrin

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Blue Princess

2:12 pm, Aug 3 2015
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Most likely, he is an Korean translator. Since he was looking for Japanese translators. He can't be Chinese, because most popular Japanese titles are translated/scanlated into the Chinese language at most times.

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2:24 pm, Aug 3 2015
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Okay, to be precise: A friend of mine has already translated chapters of the manga Tantei Gakuen Q

It has been translated up to chapter 77 by a previous team, and she is doing the rest, she has already translated chapters 78 to 80

So now we are looking for a team who can recruit us to scanlate it

I already have HQ RAW scans, so now we just need it to be cleaned and typesetted in

This is the manga I am talking about:

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7:05 pm, Aug 3 2015
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I run a scanlation group called Hime Scanlations and I do all the cleaning and typesetting. I'd be willing to take care of doing that for your manga but in exchange would you be willing to translate the manga I'm in the middle of? It's a shoujo called Pochamani

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1:29 pm, Aug 16 2015
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I'll recruit you? I run if want to join contact me at

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Timeless scans

1:00 pm, Aug 24 2015
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Hello, we are timeless scans and I want to recruit you and your friend and take Tantei Gakuen Q up for cleaning and type setting we are a very small team, but we are dedicated but your help will be appreciated even if it is only when you have time for us.

Hello,we are a new scanlator group and we are still novices, but we will try to get you nice and clean manga and we hope that you wil support us if you have question send somthing here
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