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Educated Guesses and Wild Theories

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8:03 am, Aug 11 2015
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Anybody else think Ibusaki's the 7th seat's brother? Look at the one image of his face, consider their discussions. I think it's a strong possibility. Their hair is very similar. Ibusaki has a great deal of pride so not revealing the connection makes sense.

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8:24 pm, Dec 26 2015
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You should probably consider their names are Ibusaki Shun and Ishiki Satoshi, respectively.

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1:11 am, May 1 2016
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what's with the patronizing tone? are you kidding me? and, call me crazy, but this happens. siblings with different last names isn't really all that strange. but your attitude is. thanks for a whole lotta nothin. jerk

Shun is following a student who has already made a name for himself at the highly competitive school they both attend. it's not unreasonable for him to have wanted to distance himself. besides, tt's a manga. stranger things have and will happen.

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3:02 am, Jun 1 2016
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i think i somehow agree. they may have a reason for their names to be different.

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