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Musical & -Revive- Musical

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2:37 pm, Aug 15 2015
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I'm surprised no one's made a topic for the musical yet. It enjoyed a very successful run in January 2015, and played again as "Vampire Knight -Revive-" in July 2015. (The original and -Revive- have the same story, but Revive has a new theme song by Akira, "Vanitas no Waltz", and I believe a few actresses were changed.)

I would love to discuss this musical with others who have seen it (PLEASE POST IF YOU HAVE biggrin ). Those who have not yet may find the following of interest:

*Nelke Planning released a DVD for the original play, which features a short 'Backstage Documentary'. This DVD is sadly hard to come by as Nelke's website is the only place to buy it and they only ship within Japan.

*There's been no full soundtrack release to my knowledge (BOO! sad ) But there are 2 CD singles by Akira (Kaname's actress) that have been released. They both feature cover art by Hino.

*There is a little bit of merchandise: a photo booklet of the cast with a new illustration by Hino, and some things like buttons with photos of the cast on them. These items were only sold at the venue and are hard to find.

*The musical features some small changes from the original story line. (I would be happy to list the changes for anyone interested.)

*The musical's story covers approx. volumes 1-5 of the manga (up until the end of the Shizuka arc.)

*The musical features an all female cast, but the women playing male roles are very convincing, and it's easy to forget they're women. (The casting, costuming, wigs/make-up, are EXCELLENT.)

UPDATE: I was recently able to purchase the DVD through Kinokuniya, but they weren't able to get it until this month (10/2015). I guess Nelke released it to general retailers since it has been their 2nd best selling DVD (right after the Black Butler musical) for awhile now. I don't think a DVD for 'Revive' was made.

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