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Overshadowed protagonist

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10:40 pm, Nov 10 2015
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Can anyone suggests me a manga/webtoon about a main character that is overshadowed buy a member of his/her family or someone close to them.

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Lone Wanderer

1:32 pm, Nov 11 2015
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Spiral - Suiri no Kizuna -- The entire story is built around the concept, in fact.
Elhanburg no Tenshi
Family Complex
Hakudatsu no Masquerade
Warau Ishi
Gunjou ni Siren
Conductor -- Has several protagonists, so this only applies to one of them.
Yakusoku Siren
Ushiro no Pleiades

And you could look through these category tags: Overshadowed by Siblings and Overshadowed by Friends

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3:43 am, Nov 12 2015
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Thank you. I'll look forward to read your suggestions

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