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Romance, male lead is named Takuya?

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7:09 am, Nov 27 2015
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i'm looking for a shoujo romance manga I previously read.

things I remember:
- the guy's name is "Takuya"
- he falls in love with a girl who hates him because of something in the past
- she is forced to be with him because i think he bought her.
- She eventually falls in love with him too.
- There is one scene where takuya and the girl are reading a script for a play and he makes her say something like "please...embrace me," and he embraces her even though she didnt want it and was just reading what he wanted her to say.
- something about owing 300 thousand...?
- there is probably some smut in it
- nice art

please help me!

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11:01 am, Dec 4 2015
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Please help!

Post #674478 - Reply to (#674389) by herrokerushii

1:12 pm, Dec 6 2015
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Is it Honey Drop?

Post #674489 - Reply to (#674478) by Clem12345!!

7:34 pm, Dec 6 2015
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No, thats not it... Thanks for replying tho!

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9:32 am, Dec 11 2015
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Takuya, where are you? >~<

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4:21 pm, Dec 11 2015
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Only bump after a week (7 days)

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6:55 am, Jan 3 2016
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I'm so sorry lambchopsil...

Please, does anyone know this manga?

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8:02 pm, Jan 3 2016
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Do you know any more info about it?
How long is it?
Was it completely scanlated?
Is it part of a group of oneshots?
Are there any fantasy/supernatural elements?
Any other genres other than romance and shoujo?

^Sorry for all those questions shy I did a little searching and found a few but none of the male lead names were Takuya, so I wanna narrow down the search more.

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10:18 am, Jan 29 2016
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Is it Nobara no hanyome or Tamago wa kimi by chance?

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