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DC vs Marvel

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DC vs Marvel
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From User Message Body
Post #674395
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Seinen is RIGHT

12:41 pm, Dec 4 2015
Posts: 1682

I never opened a poll so why not and both companies will have their 2 big VS movies out next year. (BvS can´t come soon enough.)

I won´t go over the Bat-factor but i choose DC despite having read thousands up thousands of issues from both (+ other companies) and i consider comics to be the main medium for the characters even this goes against current and future market realities.
DC has more history than the MU and they experiment way more as DC changed the industry with the British invasion in the 80s which led to the widely acclaimed Vertigo imprint and the company has a better track record with LGBT characters too.
Marvel´s genre defining proper birth in the 60s won´t go unmentioned by me and they had the first crossover in 1940 too but DC started line wide crossovers with "Crisis on Infinite Earths" which are a double edged sword... DC´s than more successful comics were a popular propaganda tool in WW2 btw.
DC makes the better toons (my 2nd most important criteria) and they were better with TV adaptations too but that may change very soon. They also commission the better games and i can´t see this changing all that soon. Marvel´s cinematic universe is obviously all the rage and DC will need to work hard to catch up but they have multiple Oscars and industry changing megahits as Batman 1989 and Superman 1977.
Let´s not forget the 1975 Wonder Woman show (or even 75´s other TV superheroine The Secrets of Isis) and other such products (but they do tend to suck) so they at least try to cater to female audiences. Marvel obviously caught up by now in this category but it´s important to acknowledge good past efforts.
DC lastly had a much more robust financial history as Marvel managed to go bankrupt in the 90s but Disney’s Marvel is now much more successful and now utterly dominate sales charts after getting the Star Wars license back. Nearly 2 to 1 and the MCU is the most successful movie franchise in history.

There is no right or wrong choice so have at it (and i expect Marvel to win if the thread manages to get traction).

I also read Bande dessinée / US comics and am a librarian.
Manga-Masters, My ANN-Lists
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Post #674397
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2:37 pm, Dec 4 2015
Posts: 101

I'm a filthy casual when it comes to comic books, probably only read a few x-men comics, so to marvel it goes.

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Post #674400
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4:07 pm, Dec 4 2015
Posts: 397

My childhood has been laced with DC heroes to the bone and maybe I AM being partial to my childhood memories .....but it's DC All The Way. eyes
(Batman being my all time best)

Post #674406

9:07 pm, Dec 4 2015
Posts: 393

After I learned about the alternative timelines I can't really decide. Both have screwed up alternative timelines made into actual series of almost all the popular characters. Before it would of obviously be DC as I use to watch a lot of Superman and Batman cartoons.

Last edited by RS456 at 9:13 pm, Dec 4

Post #674410
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12:27 am, Dec 5 2015
Posts: 58

I grew up reading X-men comics and watching the old cartoons. For me, Marvel has a very special place in my heart, because it was a big part of my childhood. However, I also liked Batman a lot back then (there was a channel that reprised Batman's 60s tv series and I loved how campy and crazy that was). For the last years, I think I've read more DC than Marvel and I enjoyed everything that I've read very much. I would even say that my favorite comics character is DC's (Tim Drake/the third Robin, and later Red Robin. It makes me so sad that DC always pick Dick and more recently Damian for their adaptations and overlook how great Tim is. They also screwed him up in New 52-- Ok, I'm getting off topic). But since I grew up reading and watching Marvel, DC can't beat that nostalgia factor for me, so ultimately I always chose Marvel.

I think Marvel is better than DC in the movies (so. damn. excited. for Civil War, omg). DC is better than Marvel in animated cartoons (Have you guys watched Son of Batman and Under the Red Hood? And Young Justice too! Besides, of course, Batman Animated Series, which is one of the greatest cartoons I ever watched). Both are doing very well in the TV series, but Marvel is better in my opinion (because Agent Carter and Jessica Jones, that's why. Also because they are integrating the whole MCU, which is amazing and fun to watch and a smart move on their part. DC should take lessons, since they are making their movies and even tv series set in different universes). In the comics realm... Both of them have absolutely amazing comics and characters. Some storylines and arcs are so epic I never shut up once I start talking how great they are (so I won't even get started here! lol). I think both are great and i agree with you, OP, there's no wrong choice, since both are amazing. But I think Marvel is going to win, because Marvel has a lot of hype nowadays with their amazing adaptations. smile

So, in the end, I chose Marvel, even though I like DC a lot. Marvel has the nostalgia factor going for me. And, in top of that, they are smarter and more successful with their movies and tv series.

Post #674411
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12:30 am, Dec 5 2015
Posts: 41

Hmm... Let's see... (Skip to the bottom for short answer! I wrote way more than I thought eek )

Comics wise: I haven't read/stuck with too many from either company; definitely a causal reader. However, I loved Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (until that time-skip and Miles became a part of a superhero team), and Old Man Logan (Its about a way Older looking Wolverine and Hawkeye riding cross country, with a "secret cargo", through a post-apocalyptic United States that has been divided into the territories of a few of Marvel's most popular villains and a psycho Bruce Banner/Hulk). I highly recommend them! biggrin (Apparently there's a sequel to OML, but I have yet to read it). On the other hand, the vast majority DC comics that I've read were so dreary to me (and to be fair, so did a lot of Marvel's comics at times). I do recommend the New 52 Aquaman, but I have to give it to Marvel based on my own experience.

Cartoons: Despite growing up with Batman TAS, Batman Beyond, Justice League, etc. I never had the urge to go back and re-watch these shows. I remember enjoying them, but I never found myself saying "OMG, I HAVE TO GET THESE ON BLU-RAY ASAP." (Except Teen Titans, which I, after having recently re-watched the series, will be buying myself for Christmas.) Marvel's animated series on the other hand... I freaking love Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and X-Men TAS has always had a special place in my heart. biggrin I own both on Blu-ray/DVD respectively, BUT I detest Avengers Assemble mad along with all the other animated Marvel shows Disney has been producing lately. And is it just me or have all the good animated comic-based shows been replaced by crappy imitations as of late? Avengers: EMH for Avengers Assemble, Spectacular Spider-Man for Ultimate Spider-Man, Young Justice (enjoyed/didn't love) for Teen Titans Go! (I detest!!! mad ). Point goes to Marvel, BARELY, because of EMH.

Animated films: DC. Marvel's animated films, overall, aren't that good, but I love Hulk Vs. DC's have been disappointing since they started using this new, anime-ish art style. I'm sorry, but I haven't liked anything passed Flashpoint Paradox,except Batman: Assault on Arkham which was fricking great eek. I prefer their older films; especially The Dark Knight Returns, Wonder Woman, and Superman Vs. The Elite (I own/recommend all eyes ). Under The Red Hood is amazing as well, but its one of those films that I acknowledge is fricking great, but I don't get the urge to buy roll eyes

Movies wise: MARVEL ALL THE WAY. I love the Dark Knight. I love the first two Christopher Reeves Superman films. I really enjoyed Tim Burton's take on Batman. I own all of these films on DVD, but all the other DC films were "meh" for me. I love the Disney Marvel movies! Even the Thor movies, which I believe aren't the best, but I love Chris Hemsworth as Thor (he's so darn likable as Thor!!! laugh ) They make me feel like a kid again, while at the same time satisfying my adult side with likable characters and good story telling. I loved X-Men: Days of Future Past and enjoyed X2 and First Class ( the other films were meh/two of which I can't stand/ I made a pun, a bad pun laugh ). I really like the first two Blade movies. I remember seeing the first Spider-Man film as a kid in the theaters; I love that movie and its first sequel. SM3 and The Amazing Spider-Man films... meh. The Fantastic Four movies... yeah I'm not gonna go there.

TV: Marvel again. Dare Devil, Agent Carter, and Jessica Jones. Love the first two, really enjoyed the third. Arrow, Gotham, and the Flash didn't grab me and I'm not interested in watching the new Super Girl show.

So Marvel for me. Geez I wrote a lot eek

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Post #674417
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4:27 am, Dec 5 2015
Posts: 838

The only comics from Marvel I still read is Deadpool. I lost interest in everything else after the Annihilation series ended and JMS left Thor. If I didn't like Deadpool, I probably would have quit comics altogether. Editorial mandates like OMD and Jane Foster Thor does not help. Some of the shit they are writing is worse than fan fiction. mad

That said, I used to enjoy DC comics more until "One Year Later" messed up a bunch of the story lines I was following. Batman, Catwoman, Green Lantern and Cassandra Cain/Batgirl were my poison. The crap they pulled messing up Cassandra Cain was unforgivable in my eyes. New-52 did not help either. Now, barring the odd Powergirl or Bizarro joke comic, I don't bother. I enjoyed Harley Quinn but I dropped her after the change to the new-52 version.

If I had to choose between the two, I would go DC. At least DC has a passing interest in keeping their fans happy. Marvel seems to thrive on enraging its old fanbase nowadays.

Post #674434
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1:22 pm, Dec 5 2015
Posts: 366

Well while I do like Justice League as a whole, individually probably the Batman Characters are my Favourite. Joker is the best. Bruce isn't bad either.

Ok. Now, I have watched rather read, alot of Marvel franchise. To my understanding marvel has a lot more individual hero shows and comics than DC.
Here My favourite character is Wolverine, he got style. Now, when talking about style there's Deadpool, the guy don't have much feeling remorse issue. That's Professionalism For Me. I like his way. He is CooL.
So, we always got two cool guys here Wolverine and Deadpool. This two can kill people when needed as well. Batman looses at this point. xD
Tony Stark is cool too, he got too much show off issues.

In my personal opinion, Captain America, Thor are lame. Hulk is way better than them.
Characters like Back Widow, Hawkeye are meh...same goes for arrow from DC. Wonder Woman, Green Lantern is in a better position though.
And Spiderman and Crew are kids, So is Flash.
I don't like superman, he is in the same position of hulk for me.

Well, I'm gonna mention others like Tarzan from DC, though I've read them, if I was gonna, I would have to Mention Punisher, Diablo from this side as well.

So, in conclusion, I don't hate either. I just like marvel a little more where my vote is going on the poll.
Not a blind fan of either. I watch anything, which I believe to be enjoyable. ^^

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~== ↪↘↘↘⬇⬇⬇⬇ ↙↙↙↩ ==~

Tv Tokyo - Anime & Manga ~ MinatoAce
Post #674436 - Reply to (#674434) by MinatoAce

1:42 pm, Dec 5 2015
Posts: 393

Actually DC comic heroes have just as many shows as Marvel heroes with the most popular being Superman and Batman with several remakes. Most of the DC heroes you most likely never knew there were shows or cartoons on them as they were made before most of us were born. A 40yr old today most likely seen most of them.

Post #674446

4:45 pm, Dec 5 2015
Posts: 262

Hm... I haven't thought a lot about it as I just tend to enjoy both, but I do have one major complaint....
Their toys. DC, even in the mid-2000s (and probably now although I haven't had the time to take a look lately) had horrible toys. At best they could rotate the head and two arms in a full circle, and the legs had about 270 degrees. Marvel toys even back in the 90's were a lot better for the most part. I don't need to mention Spider-Man toys which were obviously very posable, but even ones like Wolverine and Juggernaut and such were quick flexible.

As for everything else, I'd have to think about it.

Both have been touched by both wonderful writers and horrible writers alike. Both screwed over Alan Moore quite badly (I still think DC screwed him over worse but I could be wrong). Both have had horrible people running it and also good writers...

As far as which one I'd go for in comics I'd probably lean towards Marvel just a bit more because I haven't run into as much Loeb in it, but still.. *Shivers* Blergh...

TV shows... I honestly can't think of any I really enjoy from DC. On the other hand Marvel's recent stuff on Netflix has been pretty good. Although it's closer to a mini-series Agent carter has been pretty good. Agents of SHIELD is... Idk... It is what it is.

Movies... The original Superman movies started out kind of fun, and the same can be said about the Batman ones starting with Tim Burton. The Nolan trilogy was fun too, but I haven't been able to stand anything recent and honestly imo BvS looks horrible. so so incredibly bad. Suicide Squad isn't looking any better either.
Marvel's done pretty well for themselves, although the ones they licensed out to other studios I didn't care for as much. Spider-Man had it's fun moments though..

Cartoons... Let's see. I recall a lot of good Marvel cartoons in the 90's (especially X-Men the Animated Series) but unfortunately it got so popular they sourced other companies to do more and it's quality sharply declined...
DC on the other hand had quite a lot going for it too. Batman the Animated Series was great, and so were the movies. Actually the entire DCU line that ended with JLU was pretty good imo, that although had some shortcomings also had a lot going for it.

So I learn ore towards Marvel I guess if you count everything I guess...? I enjoy both though so yeah...

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"Hindsight is fifty-fifty"
Post #674464
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12:26 am, Dec 6 2015
Posts: 143

DC definitely. My main exposure to the universes has been via cartoons. Teen Titans, Batman Beyond, Justice League, Batman TAS, Supermen TAS, Justice League Unlimited... I loved so many of them.

The only marvel cartoons I watched were X-men (from the early 90s I believe) and X-men Evolution. Loved them too, but the DC heroes and multiverse appealed to me more, and still do.

Post #674695
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Meitantei Otaku

5:36 pm, Dec 12 2015
Posts: 48

Before anything else, note that this is just my opinion biggrin

Though we had grow to see many superheroes since we were a kid. And looking back, we didn't really care if it's a DC or MARVEL, the truth is we don't know about it much hahaha until later, then it becomes a big deal for some and not for others. For as long as, who you find it cool and have a exciting yet interesting story of the hero. Then we just sit back, relax and enjoy watching while eating something wink popcorn anyone?

So far this year rather, there were so many superheroes movie showing up or some were coming out in the future. The thing is there are movie that have many many changes that is rather confusing or contradicting to its previous movies like for example Spiderman's movie series. (exemption to the person who really keep track of the story/who is a big fan - because they know what is happening)
There are movie that is shuffled much that you don't know it anymore (unless you are, as i said earlier) basically what I'm talking here about is the plot. Like hey?! which comes first the chicken or the egg? laugh

Anyways moving on, as I recall the popular Team was that of Justice League in cartoons. But not much spotlight on the Avengers Team aired on TV (yeah I find it weird kinda, maybe there were for other countries) confused

The best movies I watched so far that I find it enjoyable and interesting were X-men, Thor, Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man (yeah mostly from the members of the Avengers), hahaha peace~ biggrin
For DC, umm yes before it was Superman and Batman (not so anymore) sad Yes for Flash and Green Archer - I find them cool wink
However, I'm expecting on the Suicide Squad Movie eyes Coz' I think its cool that villains unite in a good way -Justice
to round it off in total, Marvel really takes the lead especially as to special effects and action scenes.
As long as good plot is thumbs up! smile
hmmm...that's all I think. kinda forgot whatelse hehe cool

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Post #674716
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2:55 am, Dec 13 2015
Posts: 838

Another point that bears mentioning is that DC has marketed their villains better than Marvel has. Sure Loki, Magneto and Mystique has their followings but the Joker, Lex Luthor and even Harley Quinn towers above them in notoriety.

Post #674748 - Reply to (#674716) by drunkguy
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Seinen is RIGHT

7:22 pm, Dec 13 2015
Posts: 1682

The post a sequel to this weeks poll and arcs about passing the torch (for a while) are what the industry lives of. How many Batmen and Robin did we have again?
Let´ s see if Duke Thomas will work out and Bluebird is currently being fixed in Batman and Robin Eternal (amongst other things). I will never get though why editorial decided to abandon the Carrie Kelley introduction arc. They would have had amazing synergy with the (as of now) decent DKR III and Carrie is a prefect Padawan for Damian (aka. the best Robin). Maybe next year... Batman and Robin will never die!
The current Thor book is the best run since Walt Simon´s era and his name is Odinson which is still used. The high sales and the universal acclaim are noteworthy too. Odinson was also in every single issue but the latest one and the story should have another year left in it. I will certainly miss Aaron´s elevating take on the universe/myth but the toys will be put back in the box so that we can return to the status quo due to the 3rd movie. Sigh. That is THE problem with the current Marvel comics in a nutshell. They are way to focused on reflecting the MCU despite never being able to get that demographic and the abysmal current state of The X-men or the Fantastic Four (currently canceled!) is just prove of that.
JMS´s Thor is indeed a great one (or the only other worth mentioning) but it had the usual JMS problems of being left unfinished. The actual Ragnarok storyline that preceded JMS will serve as the basis for the 3rd movie and it is another must but i don´t share your enthusiasm for the latest Deadpool mini. That very story was done much better in the 90s by Joe Kelly. The main Deadpool book though is the 3rd good standalone take on Wade after Kelly and Simone. He was also great in Remender´s Uncanny X-Force.
It even managed to "fix" Wolverine´s son Daken. He was drowned by his dad in a shallow puddle if you must know and Daken´s Horseman of Apocalypse form has my blessing.

I also prefer DC villain stable but Marvel comic proper has enough good villains. Their problem is that they have trouble creating new ones or even new concepts in general. Just look how fast they retconned Morrison´s progressive New X-men but life always finds a way and a lot of the concepts managed to resurface later. The same goes for the mentioned rubbishing of Batgirl No.2 or the New 52 take on Robin No.3.
Utter shit tends to be fixed after a while and my biggest lament is what DC did to the Teen Titans (their No.1 ongoing comic on the 80s!) during the last decade. Teen Titans Go and Grayson/Starfire are a must but nearly everything else needs a crowbar to the head!

I forgot to mention that DC is better at line wide events and X-Men crossovers or Annihilation sequels weren´t that so put your claws away. The last fulfilling one was 2006´s Civil War and even that one was rather messy in parts. I strongly enjoyed the first half of the current Secret Wars but look @ what became of it now and what it did to the whole line. Most of the books were put on hold for mostly brain dead mini series and the whole thing is still delayed mad . Keep on putting comic shops out of business Marvel by taking away the products... Vote on folks but let´s be honest:
Image´s comic output is superior to both and maybe even more relevant.

I also read Bande dessinée / US comics and am a librarian.
Manga-Masters, My ANN-Lists
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Post #674759
user avatar

12:21 am, Dec 14 2015
Posts: 838

Yeah. I'm gonna have to disagree with you on the new Jane Foster Thor comics being the best since Simonson and leave it at that before the debate turns ugly. Suffice it to say, I am not a fan.

The ending to JMS's run to Thor was a bit disappointing. Thor going on a quest to fix his broken hammer alone should have been an epic quest involving travel to exotic realms as opposed to knocking at Strange's door for a quick fix to status quo.

Which Deadpool mini are you referring to? The one with Cable or the one with Thanos? The Cable one isn't doing much for me though I did enjoy the Thanos one (even if it felt a bit rushed).

I'll never understand why CW gets so much praise. I remember the face palming people had with the crap Reed and Stark pulled, the fatigue from the endless contradictory tie-ins and the infuriatingly abrupt ending.

It is hilarious how Marvel is trying to promote Iron Man as the new "flagship" comic title now. The only thing I enjoyed from Iron Man in comics over the last decade was the curbstomping he got shortly before he had an awkward conversation with Thor early in JMS's run.

Last edited by drunkguy at 12:36 am, Dec 14

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