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Continued Translation of 1/11:Juuichi Bun no Ichi (1/11 じゅういちぶんのいち)

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12:10 am, Dec 5 2015
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To all of you who are drenched in tears after reading the first 3 volumes and are desperate for more, well, I've got good news for you. We, Eien Scans, have decided to pick this series up! smile wink grin I'm one of the translators on the team, tasked with translating this project. I'm currently about halfway done, so expect the first chapter (chapter 10) of volume 04 to be released somewhere in the near future. Also, here's a little teaser of the story for those that are planning on reading this manga.

~Plot Synopsis~

When Sora Andou was little, he loved playing soccer. He had a friend named Tsuyoshi, who wasn't as good as he was, who told him he should become a pro one day! Cherishing that dream in his heart, Sora trained hard up through middle school. Then, however, he hit some physical barriers that left him convinced that he just didn't have the god-given capability of being a pro soccer player. He decided to quit soccer after graduating from middle school and focus on his studies.

Before starting high school, however, he went out to practice soccer once again. On his way out, he ran into the Japanese representative soccer player, Wakamiya Shiki! She echoed his childhood friend's sentiments, that he should become a pro soccer player. But, why is Shiki in this small town, and why is she so interested in Sora's soccer career? Also, will she be able to push him back towards his dream of becoming a pro?

Eien Scans is currently recruiting Japanese to English translators, so for whoever's interested, just drop me a message. If you're interested in translating this particular series, well then, we'll be working together. Aren't you lucky? laugh (reverse psychology) no

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1:03 am, Dec 6 2015
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Wow. Thank you!!!!!. This is on my wish list and I didn't start reading it because the lack of translation.

Thank you!!!!

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5:21 pm, Dec 30 2015
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Thank you so much!! I've been waiting for so long!

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