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New Poll - Bad Scanlations

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7:24 am, Dec 19 2015
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This week's poll by our member cmertb is more of a agree/disagree on the idea of bad scanlation releases being better than no release at all. Comment below to elaborate more on your position!

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Question: Which sort of offensive material pisses you off the most in manga?
Graphic violence / gore - votes: 277 (2.5%)
Dirty humor - votes: 99 (0.9%)
Sexual objectification - votes: 935 (8.4%)
Obscene language - votes: 28 (0.3%)
Sexual violence / rape - votes: 2389 (21.4%)
Child abuse - votes: 1089 (9.8%)
Incest - votes: 471 (4.2%)
Pedophilia - votes: 1795 (16.1%)
Racism - votes: 427 (3.8%)
Homophobia - votes: 399 (3.6%)
Religious hate - votes: 395 (3.5%)
Political hate - votes: 54 (0.5%)
Any other sort of prejudice - votes: 371 (3.3%)
Nothing really bothers me - votes: 2419 (21.7%)
There were 11148 total votes.
The poll ended: December 19th 2015

Lots of votes this time around, for a very controversial poll. Oddly enough, I'm surprised that the most popular option was "Nothing really bothers me"...

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Dark Knight

7:26 am, Dec 19 2015
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It's not better than no release at all because if the scanlation is noticeably bad, then it's distracting. There are plenty of series I've skipped out on reading because the groups doing them were (or still are) terrible.


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8:30 am, Dec 19 2015
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i once read a scanlation where the scanlator admitted that their translations were based off another translation of ANOTHER translation and that their translation was largely derived from google. suffice to say when i bought the official english translation the context was wildly different and made a lot more sense.

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9:07 am, Dec 19 2015
Posts: 365

I'd say yes, because someone else might take notice of the series and do a better release someday. If the scanlations are that poor though, I'd go looking for the raws.

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Mythical Creature

10:04 am, Dec 19 2015
Posts: 285

Depends on how bad the scan is and how good the manga is.

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10:12 am, Dec 19 2015
Posts: 384

Skimping on the editing is okay, but shoddy translations are a no-no for me. Has to somewhat readable and makes sense story wise (since I am unable to read the original material).

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Is a female

10:45 am, Dec 19 2015
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I'm gonna have to say no, it's not better than no release at all. Shoddy editing can be endured to an extent, but shitty translations that are in broken english can't.

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10:58 am, Dec 19 2015
Posts: 12


Read a series that was for many chapters only worked on by the translator... the text was cleaned out with a white box, and the text was typed leftbound in ... Arial or something. The rest of the scan was grainy as fudge, but I still enjoyed the story, and by now somebody came along and is properly scanlating it.
Especially for smaller series, that wouldn't even be available outside Japan, if it wasn't for the poor quality scanlation there wouldn't be any people noticing it, hence, nobody to scanlate it and no fanbase to appreciate it.

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11:09 am, Dec 19 2015
Posts: 26

Depends on how bad.

Regardless I feel if there isn't a raw available, having a poorly translated anything can at least provide the images which is something (and probably better than nothing)

If it's understandable, like the overall content is there but some words might be weird or the grammar is off, it can be salvaged with your own logic and grasp of the context. It is a series of pictures after all. If you really like a series, desperate times = rock bottom standards.

If it's hardly understandable at all or so littered with mistakes it's completely distracting then no, I would be very unhappy reading such garbage. It'd be the equivalent of a raw at that point, which like mentioned is probably still providing images in the least.

Even though I feel something is better than nothing, it does reinforce bad content and quality because it means people will take anything - so lowering our standards also isn't good either.

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11:50 am, Dec 19 2015
Posts: 152

Most of the time i would say that it's better than getting nothing, but some scanlations are so bad that it would have been better to have nothing.

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12:34 pm, Dec 19 2015
Posts: 362

I do appreciate quality in the editing and in the raws, but it's not a deal breaker for me. I'd still be able to enjoy the manga. However, a bad translation is something I really can't stomach. You could even not put the translated text in the boxes, just release the script, I'd still be fine with it. But the translation must be decent. Otherwise I'm not really reading that manga.

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1:10 pm, Dec 19 2015
Posts: 131

Well, for me it is like this:
If English translation is bad I try to find Russian (and hope it isn't a second-hand translation from English), if both are bad or no Russian exists, then I just read bad one, for the most part my understanding is enough to correct in my head the obvious mistakes at least. It still better than staring at raws when I can understand only like 10-15% of Japanese.

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Lazy Scanlator ^_^

1:16 pm, Dec 19 2015
Posts: 280

I guess it all depends on how bad the release actually is.
If it's terrible, I won't read it. Even if the series itself is good. I'll wait for somebody else to pick it up.
If it's bad, but the series itself is good and there hasn't been a better quality release for months (6-8), I might give it a try.
For series I particularly enjoy, I might even offer up my editing services in order to improve the scanlations' quality.

You can PM me if you need a temporary (freelance) cleaner/redrawer for some project. Especially if it's something with nice art.
Being the lazy person that I am, I'm not likely to accept anything long-term though.
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1:25 pm, Dec 19 2015
Posts: 417

I choose "Agree" in case all or some of the mentioned "poor quality" (bad translation, editing, raws, etc) can be seen in a release.
But, it depends. If there is only one of those faults and it's a good Manga/Manhwa/Manhua, I tend to ignore it as much as possible.
No release is NO GOOD really. As me being one of those overly curious guys, I tend to go raw hunting. No quality scans still works better for me than no release. I can always read the HQ releases whenever it comes out.

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1:51 pm, Dec 19 2015
Posts: 208

Great question, and hard choice (kind of...)! Ultimately, I feel like it's better to have something than nothing at all. It's probably not the case in reality, but it always feels like there's a shortage of manga of my preferred genre.

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