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Anyone a fan of Danganronpa?

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Ms. Fujoshi and

8:54 pm, Jan 24 2016
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I was just wondering if there are still fans of this game out there, as it is kind of mildly unknown nowadays. I'm thrilled yet nervous at the same time about it getting an anime, as the previous one they made of it was a complete failure in my opinion.

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11:12 am, Feb 10 2016
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Have'nt watched the anime, but i did play the first game (using a translation patch), and i loved it!

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7:42 pm, Jun 4 2019
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Me.Still currently playing Trigger Happy Havoc but I mostly know the general lore of DanganRonpa.

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Seinen is RIGHT

4:55 am, May 31 2020
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The first one, I played it on the PSP, ainĀ“t bad but that was also where the franchise burned out for me.

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4:58 am, May 31 2020
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Yes, why?

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8:46 am, Nov 26 2020
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I know the game. but wait, there was an anime made about it? and it wasn't nice? Why? This was a really good game and I really think it deserved a nice adaptation. Do you know when the new one will come out? I want to watch that too.

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