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Shoujo manga with good plot?

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2:22 pm, Feb 3 2016
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I've been reading way too many yaoi mangas that I'm really getting sick of them right now. dead
In my list, there are only yaoi mangas and I kind of feel annoyed by it. So I just wanted to try reading some mangas that aren't yaoi (nor yuri) in any way. I actually want to read a shoujo manga with a good plot. To be honest, nice art would be a plus point. If the plotline is lovable, then I don't care about the art.
Unfortunately, I've never read a manga that isn't yaoi/shounen ai so I don't know of any good examples. I've been dying to read a shoujo manga that is not romance. It's pretty rare, isn't it? I've seen some of shoujo manga (and their tags), but all of them contained this romance tag. I don't want any romance at all! I'm not fond of romance that much and I'd rather avoid anything that has romance in it. Just some action manga..maybe? If it's sci-fi, I'm all good! Actually, as long as it's shoujo and not romance at all, I'd go with any genres.

(I'm sorry if it's the wrong category. Not so good with this.)

Thanks in advance! biggrin

Ah, it looks like this manga Arisa is reaaally interesting. I totally want to read more like this! (Even though it kinda has romance, but since it's not the main part I guess it's okay.)

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3:14 pm, Feb 3 2016
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Hi! You're right, shoujos with no romance are rare to find. I can recommend you a few:

Yasha is not complete, but it's kinda interesting. The artwork is not the best, but I think the storyline is quite good. What you might wanna read Banana Fish, by the same author. It's sort of the mangaka's masterpiece, in my humble opinion (but I've only read these two works so who knows~). Banana Fish has, according to some people, some shounen-ai undertones. I don't think so, though, and even if it does, it's not the main point of the story. I strongly recommend it.

Donten ni Warau is one of my personal favorites, though I know it's not the best thing ever written. I still love it though. The art is good, the characters are great, and although there is an important couple, the main characters are three brothers and no, there is no romance with them involved. Lots of action and stuff. I love it.

Lastly, I don't remember this manga very well but it popped up in my list when I searched for shoujos I've read without romance. It's called Kyokou no Ou and though I remember I enjoyed it, I couldn't really say why. I even forgot how it ended. But still, it's there.

That's all I can do for now. If I see anything else, I'll let you know. I hope you enjoy at least one of these mangas!

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Dark chocolate.

4:18 pm, Feb 3 2016
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Ah, thank you a lot! Now I have lots of mangas to read!

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6:04 pm, Feb 3 2016
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The only few shoujo w/o romance I'd know to recommend would be Coda, Model (Miso) and Telling Through the Colors smile

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11:08 pm, Feb 3 2016
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There are a few shoujo without romance, you can always to an advanced genre search that excludes romance and includes shoujo. Anyway, I second Kyokou no Ou and here are few others:


Yakusoku Siren
Shokugyou Tenshi
Tom Sawyer


Natsume Yuujinchou
Flat (AOGIRI Natsu)
A*D - Tenshi no Uso

Must Read Webcomic:

Western Webcomics
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12:57 am, Feb 4 2016
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I second Natsume Yuujinchou!

Furou Kyoudai

Mermaid Saga

Bokura no Kiseki
Double House

Shut Hell
My Young Cat and My Old Dog
My Girl (SAHARA Mizu)

I know you said you wanted shoujo, but I figured it's wouldn't be bad to branch out to avoid the romance genre.

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Dark chocolate.

1:59 pm, Feb 21 2016
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Thanks alot! I really appreciate it. I'm going to read all of them if possible. biggrin

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