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New Poll - Skipping to the End

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8:02 am, Feb 6 2016
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Another poll suggestion from residentgrigo. For a completed series, would you skip to the ending (and hopefully go back and read the middle)? Maybe to get rid of some suspense that's killing you? Or at least evaluate that the ending is any good?

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Are spin-off series worth it?
Manga need to be standalone tales - votes: 1230 (19.5%)
Maybe just one spin-off - votes: 3792 (60%)
Lots of spin-offs is fine! - votes: 1295 (20.5%)
There were 6317 total votes.
The poll ended: February 6th 2016

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8:39 am, Feb 6 2016
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By series, I believe he only meant Manga/Manhwa/Manhua, right?!
If so, my answer to to this question is a definite, Never!

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9:40 am, Feb 6 2016
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Wow way to ruin what you are reading. I love rereading my favorite stories but nothing is like the first time you read it without knowing what is going to happen/what is happening.

So ya that being said no I never skip and read the end.

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9:49 am, Feb 6 2016
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I answered never, but I have skipped volumes for two of the manga I've read because I simply couldn't find any readable quality scans/scanlations for some of the volumes. (And one or two of Doko Demo Doas because of watermarks)

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10:23 am, Feb 6 2016
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With manga i do it often, since manga often get axed or get incomplete ending, i prefer to read the ending first to see if it's a decent ending before wasting hours reading the serie and get an ending i hate.
This is also one of the reason why i read really few ongoing serie, i hate the feeling when i wait months or years for a manga to finish and the manga get axed or get an incomplete ending.

With other kind of media, it's quite rare i do it though.

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12:50 pm, Feb 6 2016
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And now we know where all the spin-offs are coming from but their numbers are always only a fraction of the main product. They can´t all be Xena (meh) to bring up another more successful spin-off.

Never if i am reading/watching/playing something i actually like but i tend to jump to the most recent chapter or to the ending of a film/show/game (on youtube) if i don´t. Just to see where all the misery or wasted time lead to and i further tend to be correct how such end.
I occasionally look up if i was correct on a theory, the Arkham Knight and Venom Snake (WTF was he about?) are recent examples, before i even begin but i am only taking about the theory itself and not the overall story so i close the tab immediately after getting my answer.
I lastly don´t think that spoilers are as game breaking as people think but they are still bad manner and ultimate unacceptable. I don´t use/hate social media and i deliberately stay away from known offenders when something that i am excited about is coming out.

A lot of people look up the ending or start with/jump to the epilogue to deflate all the suspense out of a narrative. Start asking people you know and you will soon see what i mean.

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1:44 pm, Feb 6 2016
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I put never, but then I remembered: Naruto. In my defense, the ending was spoiled and I just really wanted to see the kids of the naruto characters.

Other than that, never. Granted, non of the manga I read are either not completely translated or I don't own all the volumes, so I don't have an end to skip to.


1:54 pm, Feb 6 2016
Posts: 71

No. Never. Especially if the series is already ended. I mean knowing that its ended is kind of a relief in itself. I don't have to worry that it will go on forever getting steadily worse and usually don't have to worry it got axed. Also a lot series the end is mediocre, weak or outright sucks, so the end doesn't tell you how good everything before it is. Its the journey not the end which is the best part.

Movies are sometimes different, because of crappy trailers that sometimes spoil everything for me. If they show me the best parts of the movie in the trailer, its almost a bore to go watch it since there are no surprises. Either that or its so obvious what the story is going to be that again why bother since they distilled the whole thing down into a 2minute trailer. So I'm like "got it, next". But I like it if an author/mangaka surprises me in a story, some people don't and they like to know what to expect which is fine but like I said that's not me.

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2:21 pm, Feb 6 2016
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Only if it's something that I don't feel interested enough to read, but want to know the ending. Ongoing things I read that drug out and lost my interest for example. (IE Naruto)

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5:17 pm, Feb 6 2016
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Seldom... I've done it for popular series with premises that'll never interest me, such as Air Gear and Deadman Wonderland.

I've also skipped to the end for series that I started off liking well enough, but spiraled down to mediocrity. Spoilers don't bother me that much, unless it's a series I'm obsessed with. I mostly read for the journey itself, but if said journey proves tedious I'll just skip right to the finish line and move on.


6:28 pm, Feb 6 2016
Posts: 23

Seldom - If the manga is boring or goes in a direction I can't stand and I'm near the end I will. I've done it to a few times already but not often.


7:13 pm, Feb 6 2016
Posts: 354

seldom mainly because it goes in a direction I dont' like and seems to persist. I skip to the end to find out if it's worth continuing.


8:45 pm, Feb 6 2016
Posts: 29

It's funny because i do it with anime, but never with manga

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10:56 pm, Feb 6 2016
Posts: 144

I only do that if I am thinking of dropping it, to see if it improves at least a little, or to give the story a bit of conclusion.

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12:59 am, Feb 7 2016
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I picked never, but maybe I should have put down seldom. For things I actually read, I never skip to the ending ever. For games that I play and then get tired of playing and don't care anymore, I sometimes go and read the end. For tv shows and movies, I rarely if ever go and read the end unless I just don't care at all about the journey of the show and movie.

Yeah, if I know I'm never going to read something or finish whatever, I might go and find out the end. So maybe I should have put down seldom, but really I can count on one hand the number of times I've skipped to the end for all the things I've read/watched/played etc.

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