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Too old for shoujo manga?

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Polish Fan

7:51 pm, Jun 14 2016
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I am 27 and I read shoujo from time to time . It's not mine main genre but I don't run away from it .

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The Kuudere

6:45 pm, Jun 17 2016
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Your never too old for Shoujo manga.
Actually, your never too old for any kind of manga ( Unless, its meant for 2 year olds and even then it doesn't matter ) .

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2:33 am, Jun 18 2016
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26 and it's mostly what i read haha. i mean i never got my own romance ya know? so it's fun to read

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4:16 am, Jun 18 2016
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I'm 19 and have been reading shoujo since I was about 11 so no, I don't think you are too 'old' to like it. Ill be reading the same fluffy cute stuff forever. We all have an inner kid/blushy romantic in us somewhere haha. I was also reading josei and seinen stuff at 11 and enjoyed it and still do. It really depends on the mood we are in, I guess. smile

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Manga Otaku

5:11 am, Jun 18 2016
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I'm 30 now (going to be 31 in a few days), but I don't think I'm getting too old for shoujo manga, I'm just trying to expand my tastes, but shoujo manga will always have more interest for me, mainly because I'm a hopeless romantic and a teenager at heart... laugh

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5:37 am, Jun 18 2016
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You can always read Josei instead. It's meant for older women, some are pretty incredible to be honest.

I'm 20 and I personally feel too old for most shoujo, but hey, life is short, might as well do what you want if it makes you happy.

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9:56 am, Jun 18 2016
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I can personally relate to this topic to some extent. As I'm out of high school, honestly my tolerance and interest in high school manga have really waned. I started thinking that maybe I'm too old for it now but then I'll find something that I'll thoroughly enjoy that's set in high school. Really your age has nothing to do with anything, it's about experience and what you love and are interested in. If you still love shoujo that's awesome and you should keep on partaking n something you love. If you personally feel as if you might want to start making more "mature" choices, though, there's always josei, which is literally targeted towards an older female audience.
Personally my taste has refined a whole lot due to growing up and maturing in my own way and also because of the amount of manga I've read, I've little patience for a lot of shoujo and shounen these days, however, there is still HEAPS that are, I believe, universally enjoyable by all audiences. Heck, you should try and find a shoujo that your partner might like! There's probably something out there!

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Mad With a Hat

7:01 pm, Jun 18 2016
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Moved to Shoujo/Josei.

As for the topic at hand - it's up to you.
If you enjoy high school romance despite no longer being part of that age group, it's cool.
Treat it as a fantasy setting. ;p

Even when I actually was in high school, I found those settings silly and boring.
It's more common for younger girls to read such stories, but taste isn't a universal thing, so don't worry about it.

I don't think anyone should feel restricted by the demographic they're part of.
It's not like there're laws regarding the matter. bigrazz

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5:26 am, Jul 15 2016
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I've found that, like the first user who replied, my tastes have only changed slightly. While I may be too old for high school romances per say, I'm not become disinterested in shoujo manga yet. I just prefer slightly different topics than before. Before I was satisfied with high school romances revolving around the same run-of-the-mill plot, but nowadays I've gotten picky. I've generally started to prefer shoujo mangas with a slightly older male protagonist.

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Penguin Master

3:39 am, Aug 21 2017
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While I do think that you're never really too old for anything... now that I'm in my early 20s I think I've moved on from shoujo to josei hahaha. Lately, reading doe eyed pure high school romance makes me kinda... hahaha

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3:44 pm, Oct 29 2019
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When I was about 25 years old I thought,"maybe one day I will stop to enjoy shoujo manga" and here I am in my 30s and still reading it.

I mean its nothing weird about it.

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6:46 am, Mar 21 2021
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I’m in my 30s and married. Still read shoujo and other types of manga. You do you. You don’t have to have an age to enjoy what you like.

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HanaTsuki Hime

8:12 am, Mar 21 2021
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You're never too old for anything.

I'm 29 this year and still read shoujo from time to time.

It's like others said - I think it more depends that with age your tastes/preferences may change, but doesn't mean you're too old to read it.

I no longer read those big eyed whatever shoujo's of which there are tons of them 'cuz have certainly outgrown them and find them plain boring & annoying now, but those with more depth & character, hell yes, I still do enjoy those.

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2:29 pm, Mar 21 2021
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I'm 36. And a Guy. But I really enjoy Shojo!

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2:54 pm, Mar 21 2021
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I think being old has made me very snobby or jaded
tragic back stories are read as 'whiney'
perceptual misunderstandings 'drama inserts' that happen five times in an issue are dismissed as implausible
its disappointing if you can predict there's going to be good news then bad news then great news then horrible news in a single chapter in that order.

not sure it's limited to shoujo tho
things become more predictable when your ability to predict improves

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