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New Poll - Drawing Your Own Manga

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9:34 am, Mar 19 2016
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This week's poll is from our member myrt. Have you ever tried to make your own manga? And if so, feel free to comment below with samples (or where to read it).

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Previous Poll Results:
Question: You are a king/queen. A demon army has kidnapped your daughter. You...
Visit the shady mystic to obtain magic to get her back - votes: 1549 (19%)
Put out a reward for her rescue in order to attract a hero - votes: 914 (11.2%)
Lead your army as the hero - votes: 2970 (36.4%)
Try to negotiate or bargain with the demons to get her back - votes: 1186 (14.5%)
Ask for help from your neighbors - votes: 172 (2.1%)
Just make another daughter - votes: 679 (8.3%)
Cry - votes: 260 (3.2%)
Abandon her to her fate. Why needs kids or heirs? - votes: 439 (5.4%)
There were 8169 total votes.
The poll ended: March 19th 2016

Lots of you wanna be the hero! Good for you! (And personally, I found the "Just make another daughter" option really funny. I'm glad others agreed)

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9:55 am, Mar 19 2016
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Kings usually had to be out on the field and handing your problem over to someone else will only destabilize your reign. Especially if one overlooks an act of war! Heavy weights the crown and all of that. The Ricktatorship option was thus the only way to keep your head in the long run. He may have lost a hand and a knee but he is still more gangsta than a tiger.

I am a writer and not an artist so i haven't and never will try.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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1:35 pm, Mar 19 2016
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I know my own drawing skills, and while I may be half decent if I REALLY gave it my all, I don't have the passion or patience to make a project like that.

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7:28 pm, Mar 19 2016
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I haven't drawn in a while, which is really worrisome. What worries me most is that I'm not writing what I imagine for my stories. I have a lot of ideas for stories, but they just won't get out of my head.

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5:10 am, Mar 20 2016
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Does it count if we drew comics that WEREN'T manga?

Also, why is there no option for "Yes, but I'm not sharing it for reasons other than being embarrassed"?

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5:17 am, Mar 20 2016
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I wrote a few short stories in middle and high school, but that was a decade ago. I hate drawing so I'll never try making a manga, but it's possible I could try writing again.

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10:50 am, Mar 20 2016
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The daughter poll was funnier :/

As for the answer of this one: No, never felt the need to try it. I prefer writing however I may doodle something like this in the future. Who knows wink

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4:54 pm, Mar 20 2016
Posts: 472

ugghhh my dark history....

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5:24 pm, Mar 20 2016
Posts: 495

XD I tried but gave up. The problem I had was that I couldn't draw my characters correctly. They would look like some new/different character when ever I drew them in another panel. Drawing a consistent character is so hard.. LOL wink

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6:01 pm, Mar 20 2016
Posts: 100

there are 2% of people here who have chose the first option who are they ? i am really interested in reading them
roll eyes

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12:36 am, Mar 21 2016
Posts: 417

I choose I tried... and gave up, as I did/do it some times to pass time. Nothing that great to write home about.

And about doodling...I do it all the time during studies and classes(like when I'm stuck with a problem or the lecture is boring) consciously or unconsciously(like not got any particular though to it). Well obviously not during writing thesis and project sheets etc etc.

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8:21 am, Mar 21 2016
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I SUCK at drawing but I have always been interested in drawing and still am sad
I feel like it would be a good way to express my feelings

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7:33 pm, Mar 21 2016
Posts: 291

I tried and gave up a long time ago, writing is more my thing.

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7:13 pm, Mar 25 2016
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Yah, same here.

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11:50 pm, Mar 25 2016
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I have.
I used to draw manga when I was younger (along with my friends) but they weren't serious and the art was pretty crappy so I can't share them, lel (I think I threw mine away actually.)

More recently (like, four years ago) I started the comic version of my novel (which is almost done) called The Engraved. But...writer's block is killing me, lel.
I plan on redrawing it because again...I hate the art.
It should be on smackjeeves and tapastic when the revamp starts~ (I'll edit this post with the link then). I need to do some research for architecture practice tho'. /sucks at architecture;;;. Lel.

I'm the type of person to write everything else out first before drawing it >.<;;;.
Otherwise I'd probably end up changing stuff and then I have continuity errors, lel.

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