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Lesbian manga

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3:11 am, Apr 2 2016
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Hey guys. Please help me.

I'm looking for a manga that contains a lesbian relationship. But i want it not to be just about their relationship, but there should be a reason why they become a lesbian, a story behind it, preferably if one of them does not want to become a lesbian, she doesn't accept the truth that she is indeed a lesbian. And i want there to be a conflict with other people among them. Maybe their family doesn't accept it, or their current boyfriend, i want some real conflict about how they are not accepted.

Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance smile smile

P.s. I don't want any ecchi or harem or something similiar

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Mr. Brightside

3:17 am, Apr 2 2016
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Try Prism (HIGASHIYAMA Shou).

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Post #678336 - Reply to (#678333) by AquarianDemocrat

4:59 am, Apr 2 2016
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Thanks! I'll read that!

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it's a boy

12:09 am, Apr 3 2016
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Moved to Yaoi/Yuri.

Post #678379 - Reply to (#678362) by Rainy Days

10:10 am, Apr 3 2016
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Thank you! I didn't know I should do that, sorry. Thanks anyway.

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