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Popular/playboy/tsundere guy falls for unique girl

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7:25 am, May 5 2016
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Can you guys recommend me a manga where the Playboy/popular guy falls for a girl who is unique or is sick/admitted in the hospital. As time goes by the guy falla deeply in love with the girl and gets jealous easily? For example- last game,Ouji-sama Game (KIRISHIMA Rira).

Or, a manga where the guy breaks up with the girl and then regrets it and so chases after her. For example- the circumstances of our strange love.

Or, a manga where the guy is/became popular to look cool in front of the person he likes but is too shy to confess his pove to the girl. Example- koi dano ai dano

Please no Yaoi, shounen ai and yes i've already read maid sama,special a, ouran highschool host club,beauty pop.

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6:53 am, Mar 21 2021
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Perhaps it is not what you’re looking for, but Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui is a josei where a womanizer super popular office guy falls head over heels for the first time in his life with a totally normal high school girl. And he does the impossible to win her heart even though she rejects him each time

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1:22 pm, Apr 12 2021
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Haru Matsu Bokura - Towa and Aya are totally the popular basketball players and they fight over the heroine

Last Game - Yanagi might be the biggest tsundere lead ever (jk but he's so cute honestly you'd fall in love with him but laugh at him at the same time)

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji - Kyoya a is obviously a big playboy at the start. (But this one's really popular so you've probably read this already)

Hibi Chōchō - Not really sure if Taichi counts as a tsundere

Namaikizakari - another popular basketball player as the lead

Kono Oto Tomare - This is surprisingly a shounen but it has a strong romance plot. I don't know if Chika counts as a tsundere too (but i'm kinda leaning toward maybe no)

Motokare Retry - they dated during middle school but broke up. they ended up going to the same university and decided to try and start dating again

i've read a lot but I can't remember the titles to most of them already lol 🤣 i just put the ones i remembered based on the descriptions you gave

i read and watch anything with a good storyline
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