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Forgot title of supernatural manga

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2:46 am, May 18 2016
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Please help me remember the title. The main character can heal himself and someone, I think his stepfather or lover sells him to men who can do whatever they want. This one really sadistic guy cuts him open and really tries to test the limits of his healing ability. Another character can feel what people are feeling and can heal people. He runs into the main character and feels all the pain even though he is healed. They rescue him and work together in an organization. Although the tortured guy has feelings for the guy who rescued him, he is afraid of being touched and the guy who rescued him refuses to do anything to him without his full consent.

I think this story was just one among a few interlinking stories in the manga.

Thank you for your help!

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3:49 pm, May 28 2016
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Haven't found it yet. I think it's in a volume with another story that's related and it is the second or third story. It's more than one chapter long. There is a character that encourages the "rescuer" to act on his feelings for the one he rescued instead of sleeping around, but the rescuer knows the one he rescued is scared of touch because of what happened, so he ignores his feelings.

Can anyone help me find this? Thank you!

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9:45 pm, May 28 2016
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It should be So no Te de from Horohoro to =3

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5:54 am, May 29 2016
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You are wonderful. Thank you! I'm glad that I finally know what it's called smile

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