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8:00 am, May 29 2016
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So me and a couple of people where talking about cool story ideas we'd like to see eventually. One of them really peaked my interest, more so since we seem to be seeing a large number of "World transfer" or "Reincarnation" Stories recently. Wanted to Post the idea here and get people's opinions of the stories, or even see if there is something like this already.
She even gave a little synapse in her best narrator voice, something like this;

Every Story has a Hero, and every Hero has a Destiny. But what happens when the Hero of the story wants nothing to do with his Destiny? Hero-chan, an otherwise normal high-schooler in an otherwise small town, has been marked by the Fates to be one of the few legendary people summoned to a distant World and act as its saviour. However, he simply wants to live out his life in a quite, normal way. So when the appointed time comes, Hero-chan flatly rejects the summons. The Backlash from the summoning Magic instead pulls one of that world's inhabitants into his own, trapping them as he would have been in their's.
Time and time again, from Rifts in time, to Ancient Magics, and even the summons of gods, the Fates try and drag Hero-chan into his Destiny, and yet every time he manages to some how escape the call, and some times even pull others back with him.
And so Life goes on and on In this small town, where Dragons run Highschools, Demon Kings teach Math, and a Hero runs from his Destiny.

Essentially, it would be a Comedy/Slice of Life parody on this Genre, where instead of someone being pulled into a World of Adventure, others our instead pulled into ours and forced into small town life. The Plot would revolve around the "Hero" and his day to day interaction with school staff, classmates and town residence, both from this world and others, all the while dodging the Fates attempts to drag him into his Destiny.

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12:21 am, Jun 2 2016
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Personally, based on the description alone, I wouldn't read it. But if it received good reviews, then I would.

Which brings me to the important point: it doesn't matter what your story idea is. Most people can come up with a dozen good story ideas per week. It's all in the execution. If you can't write well, your story will flop no matter how brilliant it may seem to you. If you can write well, then even the most trivial sounding story will shine.

And that is precisely why I wait for others' reviews before I read anything.

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8:47 pm, Jun 9 2016
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I have to admit this is a funny idea xD However, I agree with cmertb about the execution. A story like this can become tedious veeeery quickly and I don't really know what you can do to engage users on the long run.
Please note that I don't really like slice of life where nothing of interesting never happen, so I'm not your target user xD But still I've enjoyed some of them, like Toradora, Lucky Star, Umaru-chan, etc... They all have something peculiar and interesting characters!
So, if you can come up with a good roster and something that let users affectionate to them plus some cliffhanger moment, I would read it xD

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9:43 pm, Jun 9 2016
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I like the plot. This is the main reason why I love Hakomari. But I agree with cmertb and iazeru. The telling is crucial to any plot no matter how good it may be.

I'd like it if in the end he ends up saving the world through the backlashes by taking away those that would have destroy it and trapping them in his world.

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levi ackerman

4:14 pm, Jun 10 2016
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if my fave character is dying I'll stop reading the manga.. Even through the plot is incredible there is no chance for me to continued reading it..

For example like: armin arlert from shingeki no kyojin. He is death because been defeated by the colossal titan but he still not my fave one.

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4:34 am, Jun 18 2016
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It's sounds like a decent plot line for a comedy/parody type. Instead of Hero being a typical high schooler, it would be more funny to me if he was a shut-in, or had anxiety- which leads him to commitment phobia which is why he runs from destiny- or something on the line of that. Just my suggestion/ideas. Also, along with the excecution making a big deciding factor, the type of visual it would have to would be another factor.

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4:42 am, Jun 18 2016
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Sounds very interesting in theory. Execution is difficult, but honestly I think it all comes down to luck. At least that's what I think. I've read things that I've considered "bad" that have been extremely profitable/ popular, but other things that have been much better written/ executed were practically ignored.

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11:24 am, Jun 21 2016
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I agree with the others - interesting concept so far but the execution and style of storytelling would be the key. Also, there should be a great set of characters - that would make the interactions funnier if ever. I think 4-koma style would suit this concept best.

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1:01 pm, Jun 23 2016
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Cool idea.

But yeah, it depends on the execution, boy! The jokes and references, as well as comedic timing, matter more than the premise itself, i think! You need solid characters that can drive the plot, which is hard to do.

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8:07 am, Aug 20 2016
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It sounds interesting, but since im not a fan of the genres or the idea of just pulling in another character when the old grows boring, i wouldn't read.

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