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9:38 pm, Jul 15 2016
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Looking for more J-Jazz. I'm been pretty versed in Shibuya-kei but I realized that I have barely any actual J-Jazz though I have countless albums of peterson, gillespie, goodman, and coltrane. I'm open to almost all of Jazz, from swing and big band to free jazz, Bebop and maybe acid jazz/funk and obscure fusion genres. So if anybody has any j-jazz, feel free to recommend.

PS: I don't watch any anime so I'm not going to understand any specific song references

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8:09 pm, Jul 22 2016
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Heard of The Thrill? Their music was in Blue Submarine No. 6, I've listened to their music outside of the OVA. I haven't delved that deep into J-jazz myself, admittedly.

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Resident lizardman

2:41 pm, Oct 4 2018
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Someone recommended Soil & "Pimp" Sessions as being similar to The Seatbelts and it's great stuff.

The thread is full of good stuff, though not all Japanese.

Bill san baka desu
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2:46 pm, Oct 4 2018
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Look up Tokyo Brass Style.

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