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Batman: The Killing Joke

Batman: The Killing Joke, Good?
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9:23 am, Jul 28 2016
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I watched this movie and I watched/read the reviews... Everyone loves this movie. Why?! It had a ton of potential and it wasted it all. The Joker was underwhelming. Batman was a brooding emotional wreck and Batgirl was a waste of time in the story. The editing was off and Jokers back story was sad but nothing that explained him. No his personality wasn't formed the night his image was, that was never explained.

This is supposedly a rated 'R' movie, but I saw very little that earned that rating. In fact, they had a few good opportunities to go to some really dark places and really sell the crazy and depraved nature of the story, but never fully committed to it. It was sad because it would have been a 100 times better if they had.

Maybe I've been spoiled by truly dark anime [School Days, Elfen Leid, Berserk, to name a few] so this movie was nothing special... In fact I was rather disappointed with it.

Don't even get me started on the ending... It just stops. Like the writer had no idea how he was going to end it and just did.
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Batman and Joker just laugh at the Joker's stupid joke... that's it. They have a buddy buddy moment and then laughing and credits.....

confused really that's it? Okay...

I would rent it or something, but not worth the buy. Maybe someone can help me understand how this is a great movie... Because I'm lost.

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3:12 pm, Jul 28 2016
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It's Okay and here is my Imdb review to elaborate:
PS: We have a movie sub-thread named Other TV/Movies.

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