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Manga where the protagonist is the bad guy

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5:07 pm, Jul 30 2016
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I feel like I'm going crazy, whenever I'm looking for a specific type of story neither google nor human can understand what I'm really looking for. Why is there no mangaka that shares my exact tastes?

I want a story where the PROTAGONIST is the bad guy in the story. I cannot stress this enough, the PROTAGONIST is the guy from who's perspective we're seeing the story. I've had so many people recommend manga to me saying ONE of the MC's was like that. Well, fuck, I don't care about ONE of the MC's, I only care about THE mc, the actual one. Besides the protagonist, I only see the others as characters, not main characters. Also, what being the bad guy means to me. It means the protagonist is a bit crazy, has some "justified" reason for why he is like that, doesn't care about others, can kill without batting an eye and maybe he has some sort of plan to destroy something/take over something/kill someone and the heroes of the story are trying to stop him. Overlord was the best thing. We're seeing the story from the bad guy's side but we are made to believe he is right. That's what i want.

I'm really angry right now it that was not apparent. I am sorry but right now I just want to vent this anger and this is the only way I know how since every one I've ever opened up to didn't even try to understand me. I'll start actively seeking help if I can find something like this. Professional help.
Thank you for taking time to recommend anything to a selfish person like me.

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6:28 pm, Jul 30 2016
Posts: 21 Akumetsu MC is portrayed as the villain to pretty much everyone else... the guy kills corrupt politicians and such as he pleases leading him to be a wanted criminal, try it out if you didn't look it up on the last post. Berserk MC is just beyond awesome, he does pretty much everything he does to get revenge, has no problem killing most if he is agitated Dendrobates might not be exactly what you are looking for but it has an mc that kills for good people

i would have had more recommendations if you asked for novels

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5:11 pm, Aug 7 2016
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Death Note Enough said.

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12:12 am, Aug 8 2016
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Shamo is exactly what you are looking for.
Dear boy the protagonist is "It means the protagonist is a bit crazy, has some "justified" reason for why he is like that, doesn't care about others, can kill without batting an eye"
You may also like Blue Heaven, Island , Burning Hell - Kami no Kuni and Lost+Brain

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11:19 am, Aug 9 2016
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There was a topic exactly like this made just recently.

I have nothing more to add to what I (and others) have already posted there.

edit: Just realized you made that original topic. Maybe you could give us what you liked/disliked about those previous suggestions (if you read them) to better help us find what you're looking for?

Otherwise, in the interest of making this post more helpful, here are more threads in the same vein:
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9:20 am, Aug 10 2016
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Bruh do you even know Death Note?
This is exactly what that story is about.
Also, search the %2F+Heroine and [url] tagonist [url] tag.

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