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help me find this yaoi manga

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1:12 pm, Jul 31 2016
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i can't remember the name of this yaoi manga, but i remember that it was the sort of story where the uke is in love with the seme, but the seme only takes advantage of him and uses him for errands and sex, i think they were college students.

there's this scene where they're having lunch or dinner with the seme's friends, and they keep making fun of how the uke is a complete pushover and ask him about the sex and everything. the seme says nothing in the uke's defense. it is then that the uke's finally had enough of all the bs and starts yelling. eyes he even goes on to say that the seme is so self-centered that he hasn't noticed that he hasn't come once since they've started having sex.

and that's my favorite scene in all the yaoi i've ever read. help me, please? {:3 cry

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3:19 pm, Jul 31 2016
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Ore wa Senpai no Nan Nan Desu ka?!

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The "yelling in front of friends about not getting to cum" sounds about right, but the seme in the story didn't take advantage of the uke. He was just really dense about expressing his emotions.

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4:31 pm, Jul 31 2016
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thank you so much! <3 it's been quite a while since i've read it, so i must've mixed up the storylines.

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