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When did video games start to suck so bad?

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From User Message Body
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4:42 am, Aug 15 2016
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Here I was this evening, giving Twilight Princess a second chance, telling myself the game might pick up and get better, but modern developers tend to forget they are making a VIDEO GAME and not an interactive movie, and I quit twilight princess for the third time.

Kojima's games started a bad trend of semi-good directors thinking they are Steven Spielberg and injecting windy dialogue and unnecessary cutscenes into their games.

You'd think the youth of today would object to this, being so ADD from the internet and such (I am too), but how are devs getting away with such boring games confused I guess the demographic purchasing the most games are males in their 30s, too tired for more frenetic, action-oriented gameplay because of responsibilities like tending to their offspring and stressful jobs, but I am not of the latter.

Long live retro gaming 43V3R!

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Jun Tenkawa
Post #683036
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4:55 am, Aug 15 2016
Posts: 132

I agree and disagree at the same time.

Cinematic games are pretty interactive and it can be pretty interesting as long as it the gameplay doesn't hold your hands too much. But there seems to be way too many of these types of games lately that I find them pretty boring.

I just played a little bit of Mega Man 2 today and I felt like I was playing a game compare to so many AAA games that developers focus so much on in present time. No long cutscenes, no QTEs, no choice making decisions, etc; just simple move, jump, and shoot.

Post #683037

5:10 am, Aug 15 2016
Posts: 1

"When did video games start to suck so bad?"

When you grown ^^

Post #683042
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6:56 am, Aug 15 2016
Posts: 177

Right around when people started complaining video games are too hard.

Post #683043
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6:58 am, Aug 15 2016
Posts: 7777

Witcher 3 is one of the best games for a long while. It just so happens that AAA games have very detailed models that they like to display doing a lot of things. Big games are sold with looks. Many indie games are still amazing when it comes to gameplay, because they're under no pressure to make the most lifelike and marketable game when it comes to looks. They are still plagued with Minecraft syndrome now and everyone and their mums are trying to make a voxel game. This far only Terraria has been very good. Personally I don't mind games that are very cinematic and plot driven, because I have 10712 hours clocked in Dota 2, which is far enough gameplay and gimmicks for me. If you're trying to find the feeling of hopping over a ledge in Contra with a very unergonomic controller, pixel perfect, that probably isn't happening.

Post #683044

9:17 am, Aug 15 2016
Posts: 1

Warn: Banned

I think gaming peaked between the PS1 and PS2 generation.

PS1 had the awesome experiences. Great graphics to date considering it was running on the same CPU that took the astronauts to the moon and back. Final Fantasy VII, VIII, Resident Evil, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot.

The N64 was a phenomenal console as well. PC was hitting its stride in the mature RPG arena also.

PS2, it basically took everything great about the previous generation and made it bigger. Bigger worlds, better gameplay but honestly I see PS1 and PS2 on equal footing. They were both fantastic but neither of them really surpassed the other.

Post #683046
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Slightly obscene

9:47 am, Aug 15 2016
Posts: 495

In general, I have no idea what you're talking about. Now is a better time to play a wider variety of more different games than ever before. Yes, we have many games with long stretches of cut-scenes or otherwise unbreakable narrative moments from directors like Kojima or Cage, but there is always the other side of the coin.

The SoulsBorne games are very good example of modern games weighted to allow nearly uninterrupted gaming and they most certainly demand attention and a certain level of skill from the player unless you completely cheat your way through with some glitch or trainer. Housemarque has been doing modernizations of some 'ye olde games ever since Super Stardust for the PS3. Paradox is spitting out various strategy games of varying layers, Total War is (IMO) basically better than ever before with Total Warhammer, turn based tactical games are still valid thanks to Fire Emblem and the modern X-COM. Civilization is still a huge name in gaming. World of Tanks and World of Warships let people duke it out with semi-modern steely beasts pummeling each other with high-explosive death and calculated penetrating angles, Warframe lets people play it out as cyber-ninjas in SPAAAACE and the indie scene spits out pretty much every possible game type imaginable.

Yeah, I think gaming junkies who want more demanding, frenetic and complex games are doing just fine, as are the more casual folks.

User Posted Image
Post #683299

6:38 pm, Aug 23 2016
Posts: 6

Though I do understand where you're coming from, not all games that have a lot of cutscenes interrupt gameplay or immersion, some of them have a pretty good balance, thus making the experience even more memorable.
Obviously, Kojima's Metal Gear games (Before 5 and possibly 4 even though I like 4) are a very good example of this. MGS1-3 are perfect examples of this (At least in my opinion).
So, it's not that games are starting to suck so bad, since bad games have existed since the early days, but maybe it's possible that you're simply getting tired of games with many cutscenes and are now just looking to play a much more simple game, like maybe an NES game.

Post #683309
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Seinen is RIGHT

9:09 pm, Aug 23 2016
Posts: 1596

Director driven games are bad eh, i will have to phone up Miyamoto...
The PSX is my favorite console and FF VII my favorite game, but there is nothing wrong with the current games scene. GTA V and The Witcher 3 are some of the finest games of all time even. This "argument" is nonsense and i can only recommend to look up the sales metrics up for the PS4 (to a lesser degree Xbone) and how many players current (and admittedly problematic) smartphone games can attract.
The growth of the market can´t be argued with. I wonder how big VR (2.0) will be too.

PS: P.T. was pure gameplay. MGS V barely has a story (it´s also trash) and cut-scenes are rare. That ended-up hurting the game badly. It couldn´t be more gameplay driven!
MGS Piece Walker was mostly gameplay driven too. His crazy plot twists only came into play in the (messy) secret bonus finale. MG Rising even put half the story into codes to cut down the cut-scene time. Making fun of Kojima is thus sooo 2008 roll .

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I read Bande dessinée / Comics too and am a librarian.
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Post #683415

9:05 am, Aug 27 2016
Posts: 1042

we have
overwatch an almost perfect game
that came out this year

go play it

Post #692498
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6:42 pm, Jun 11 2017
Posts: 8

The complains I have for games in PS3 generation and above era are micro-transactions, dlc bonuses that are supposed to be part of the whole game, pre-orders that makes me insecure as a poorfag gamer... incompletness of the game in general that you have to pay extra to have the full game.

When it comes to stories being told in games, I think there are numbers of games that can genuinely be great at story telling. Theres Rockstar, Platinum and CDPR to name a few that use their full potential as game developers that really enjoy and care about their projects for us gamers to enjoy.

I dont know about game industries like Sega, Capcom, EA etc that has multiple franchises they milk to produce every other year. Theyre commercially consumed desipte being mediocre and stories that make no sense story wise but provide enough entertainment I guess without giving much thought and immerse into the game.

I dont really remember PS1/PS2 era having any remarkable games either. The games were simple and fun. I think games today are too serious story wise that are either immersive or worse, too complicated and convulated to comprehend.

But hey thats just me

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