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New Poll - Manga Medium

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8:25 am, Sep 10 2016
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This week's poll from Akatsubaki is about how you like to read your manga. First is the distinction between physical and digital, then you have a question on type of device, of which the main difference is screen size.

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Previous Poll Results:
Question: You would stop reading a series that has a main character that is or becomes
Dense / Naive - votes: 720 (9.2%)
Flawless / Perfect - votes: 713 (9.1%)
Crybaby - votes: 914 (11.6%)
Stupid - votes: 688 (8.8%)
Perverted - votes: 443 (5.6%)
Average - votes: 132 (1.7%)
Manipulative / Forceful - votes: 203 (2.6%)
Goofy - votes: 53 (0.7%)
Emotionless - votes: 95 (1.2%)
Inconsistent - votes: 1130 (14.4%)
Cringeworthy - votes: 1240 (15.8%)
Hopeless / Gloomy - votes: 123 (1.6%)
Unrealistic - votes: 348 (4.4%)
Unreliable - votes: 115 (1.5%)
Evil / Cruel - votes: 336 (4.3%)
Cowardly - votes: 321 (4.1%)
Deceitful - votes: 93 (1.2%)
Creepy - votes: 186 (2.4%)
There were 7853 total votes.
The poll ended: September 10th 2016

I just realized I should've put "Angsty" as an option. Like in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix where Harry starts having all this teenage angst and you really just want to smack him in the side of the head for everything he does or says. Never underestimate the "power" of teenage angst.

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8:27 am, Sep 10 2016
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I prefer physical books, but I have to settle for digital for practical reasons. Maybe I'm weird but there's just something really satisfying about holding a physical book and being able to flip actual pages.

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Seinen is RIGHT

8:43 am, Sep 10 2016
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Desktop computer it is. I love the size + resolution (i have a gaming monitor, it´s also my "tv") and what you see in full size will be way closer to the original drawing, unlike a small physical volume. Digital colors also pop on a screen, but that´s not a concern with manga.

I have no prelatical emotions towards physical goods and most of my regular reading is done though audiobooks too.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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Post #683810 - Reply to (#683805) by Damnedman

10:40 am, Sep 10 2016
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I love physical books and rarely bother with ebooks (unless you count fanfic), but I do prefer manga on the desktop if the resolution/quality is high enough. Especially if there's a lot of small text.

Also most printed English manga feels like newsprint to me and doesn't look/stay bright white with the exception of some of the earlier printings. I have some old Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor from before the days they stopped flipping manga and were only the size of mass market paperbacks. The binding wasn't great on them, but the paper feels different and it's a bright white that hasn't really yellowed in the 15 years I've owned them.

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Lone Wanderer

11:14 am, Sep 10 2016
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I prefer to read on the desktop (though in my case the 'desktop' is actually a laptop with a 15-inch screen sitting on a desk and never carried around), mostly for practical reasons. I can pretend to be working while I'm actually reading manga (or even watching anime), for example laugh

That's not to say I don't love physical books, but it's just not affordable or practicable given my current lifestyle.

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11:45 am, Sep 10 2016
Posts: 343

The poll is significantly flawed, in not including ebook-readers.
Ebook-readers, having an e-ink screen, are nothing like tablets, smartphones or computer screens.
I quite like to read on my e-book reader.
It's nothing like reading on a regular screen.

I still prefer a real paper copy, mind you, so it doesn't really effect my vote.

That said, read a lot more on the e-book reader, as it's so much more convenient.
You've got everything along with you, easily accessible
...but, then again, I read a lot on the computer, because...
well I need to fix and prepare the stuff, before I transfer it to the e-reader. The only things I read on the e-reader is stuff, where I manage to download several/all full volumes (which I'll later have to adjust and re-transfer, fixing stuff like the cover and the precise order of other stuff, that isn't strictly part of any chapter), or stuff that I have already read.

Physical copy is best, but e-book reader is more convenient ...but the computer is more convenient (though not portable), up until I'm able to get the stuff into the e-reader.

P.S. some e-book readers, mine included, do have an option of lighting up the screen. If you light it up high, it might make the experience similar to reading on a tablet.

I have it on very low, when I'm in the dark
...and, of course, completely off, when it isn't dark.
Anyone who has a e-ink screen, with lights on, when it isn't bright, is a moron.
Either your wasting electricity on light that is barely noticeable (sometimes happens to me, accidentally. I'd never do it intentionally), or you're essentially going against the whole idea of having an e-ink screen, by largely eliminating it's benefits.
You might as well just use a tablet.

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12:09 pm, Sep 10 2016
Posts: 73

Physical copy is the best for me.

A phone's screen is too small for my tastes and also I can't enjoy a double page image that way. PC is ok because of a large screen and storage, but it doesn't let me get comfy like laying on a couch or bed to read. I've tried using a Tablet and its not bad for reading, but if you collect a lot then you need a lot of storage which gets expensive. Its also not as satisfying to hold and you don't get to look at those rows of books on a physical shelf to get that collector's rush of ownership. However, being an avid reader of regular books and collector of both anime and live-action video has left me with very little space and I may just be forced to carry more stuff digitally going forward. But yea I prefer physical books.

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1:50 pm, Sep 10 2016
Posts: 147

Before I got myself a tablet it was phone, but now tablet hands down... I read like 90% of manga on my tablet, and sometimes I still use phone or computer, but those are outlier cases when I either don't have a tablet with me and want to read latest chapter (and use phone for that) or when I have problem downloading a chapter to tablet (then I use PC)
P.S. Yes yes even if downloading chapters I usually use my tablet (good that I have Android)
P.S. I have Crunchyroll manga and Webtoon LIVE apps on my tablet too.

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3:52 pm, Sep 10 2016
Posts: 133

I like buying the actual volumes of the series, but I read long (20+ volumes) and untranslated (with only fan translation available) series on my phone. Would KILL to have myself a good tablet, though...

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4:08 pm, Sep 10 2016
Posts: 838

A lightweight long lasting 10" tablet is my preferred device. Any bigger makes it too inconvenient. Smart phones are way too small.

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4:21 pm, Sep 10 2016
Posts: 43

I like physical copy of the volume a lot, but I prefer my phone. I can read manga in it when I want no matter where I am. Since I bought a 5" device my e-book is in a corner covered by dust. About the other mediums, tablets aren't so practical for me and when I'm in front of my computer I prefer to watch anime or play videogames than read manga on it.

True, I've given up on the real world, however I haven't given up on myself. The world doesn't get to decide whether my life is boring, fun, or ordinary coz that's my decision to make. As long as I have the will nothing is impossible!
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6:28 pm, Sep 10 2016
Posts: 419

Desktop computer obviously and Phone as secondary device for when I'm out.

Though I would definitely go for the physical volume if available.

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8:46 pm, Sep 10 2016
Posts: 950

Anyone not voting TABLET is doing so out of ignorance or poverty.

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3:24 am, Sep 11 2016
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For reading I prefer using my desktop, but that's only because I can go into sites like kissmanga and have the whole chapter in one page, so I only have to scroll down. If I really enjoyed the manga, I will have an urge to buy a physical copy, but thinking about reading manga from a physical copy when I can simply scroll down on my computer seems like too much work. And yes, I'm lazy.

Still, if I had the money, I would probably have a few volumes of manga I love in my room. Poor, broke university student life sad

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4:55 am, Sep 11 2016
Posts: 709

While I read a lot of manga online, I vastly prefer owning physical copies. (Which is the main reason why I'm always happy when a series I get is licensed.)

I think part of this is a throwback to the old days when my internet connection was terrible and constantly disconnected (oh, and dial-up /shudders). I'm also constantly running out of harddrive space, even after buying an external harddrive, so having physical copies helps in that regard too (though now I'm running out of shelf space, oops).

When I'm reading online, I prefer my laptop. Phone screens are all right for portable reading, but a bit too small for my tastes. I've also tried reading on my tablet, but I tend to multitask a lot while reading manga, and tablet reading (via iPad) isn't really as conducive to that as laptops/desktops are.

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