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New Poll - Religion

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7:54 am, Sep 17 2016
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This week's poll was suggested by residentgrigo. Normally I'd avoid this kind of poll, but we can be mature about it, right? The available options obviously don't cover all the bases and oversimplifies much, but it should cover most cases to a certain degree. If you don't know what some of the words mean, use Google. It'll give a much better definition than I can.

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Preferred medium to read manga
Physical volume / magazine - votes: 1690 (25.3%)
Desktop computer - votes: 1786 (26.7%)
Laptop / Notebook - votes: 1376 (20.6%)
Tablet - votes: 1049 (15.7%)
Phone - votes: 781 (11.7%)
There were 6682 total votes.
The poll ended: September 17th 2016

Desktop for me too. Although the phone is good for reading while sitting on the toilet...

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Seinen is RIGHT

9:17 am, Sep 17 2016
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About the last poll. I would always prefer reading on a (large) screen, even if i had the bound volume next to me.

Am an atheist. I always was but i have read the bible from cover to cover. I will do the same with the Quran soon. It´s world literature after all.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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An Average Otaku

9:20 am, Sep 17 2016
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I don't mind the question, but "agnostic" is not a religions belief like atheist and theist are. You can be a theist and agnostic and you can be an atheist and agnostic.
Just thought I'd remind everyone of this.

Hope everyone has a pleasant discussion.

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10:08 am, Sep 17 2016
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None of the above. apatheist here.

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Mythical Creature

10:23 am, Sep 17 2016
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This poll is not very well designed.

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10:32 am, Sep 17 2016
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I don't identify as anything and I wouldn't even know where to start to 'name' my beliefs :/
Not that I even want to name them...

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12:43 pm, Sep 17 2016
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I am agnostic, i don't believe in religion, i do believe in God though (or a higher being). But it is impossible to prove or dissprove God's existence... But religion is just a tool created by corrupt people to contol weak willed people. Most of the priests are hypocrites IMHO...

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Lone Wanderer

1:27 pm, Sep 17 2016
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Number 1. I am Theravada Buddhist (which, I like to always specify since I doubt most people know/care, is very different from the Buddhism you see in manga/anime or popular media -- that's either Mahayana Buddhism or some weird pop culture buddhism that's neither here nor there), and I practice the five precepts as well as I am able to each day. There's actually very little do otherwise: since ours isn't a theistic faith there's no god or devil to believe in, and no churches/sermons to attend. There are some really good discussions going on on local TV on Poya days (ie: full moon days, which have a special significance more because of the culture associated with Buddhism than with the religion itself). I listen to them whenever I have the time, and that's about it.

Theravada Buddhism is a way of life more than it is a belief, though frankly it's a very tough way of life. Mostly because to be that forthright and honest in the shitty world of nowadays is often an exercise in impossibility. Still, I do try, and feel all the better for it -- though it also means I'll never be filthy rich, very dominant, or have 10 men at the beck and call of my sexual needs. None of which are things I want anyway, so...

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6:03 pm, Sep 17 2016
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NOOOOO!!!! I absolutely can't be mature about this!!


Ah, sorry, I just had to get that out of my system......but seriously, yeah, good luck with that sentiment smile

Yeah, how could you cover all the bases.......I was looking for a "quasi-Christian/Animist" slot but, yeah, then I thought that might be getting a little too esoteric for most. And yeah, as was said, if in doubt, google it biggrin

(Loosely) believe but don't practice.......hell, I don't have to, that's the beauty of being secure in your beliefs, you don't really have to take part in the trumped up pomp and circumstance of others smile

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6:58 pm, Sep 17 2016
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I don't know in which category I would fall into from those choices, but it would probably be either struggling with religious belief or agnostic. The truth though, I would like it if there was a God or many gods and other supernatural entities. To me that would be fun so I would be glad if they actually existed. I was born in a christian household, but although my mother reads the bible several times a week, she does not go to church and my parents never forced me their beliefs on me, so I'm something like a nominal Christian, that hopes God exists because it would be fun. So yeah... I'm not really religious and I don't mind if someone says shit about "my religion", but I'm by no means an atheist. That would be no fun to me.

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8:22 pm, Sep 17 2016
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I practice a religion, but I don't believe it.

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Mad With a Hat

10:42 pm, Sep 17 2016
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I'm an atheist.
The notion of a "god" doesn't relate to life or reality.
It's fiction, and there's no point in discussing it outside of this bracket and what believing the idea of divinity has done to the world.

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12:31 am, Sep 18 2016
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"Am struggling with religious belief"

If I said this phrase to people I know IRL, I'll probably get disowned. Anyway, I do believe in a Supreme Being, but not much on others who proclaim they are the voice of said Entity.

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3:26 am, Sep 18 2016
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Atheist baby if there is a deity he/she/it isn't worth the praise anyway

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5:27 am, Sep 18 2016
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I'm not voting this time around. It's fairly pointless for me.
Though I was born with a religion status by default like most(if not all), I'm totally careless about religions and hardly ever partake in any religious activity(I can't recall the last time I partook, most likely I never did till now).
I'm okay with any kinda religious events, as long as it provides me an official holiday. Else I can't care less.

After saying all that I might be considered an atheist. But, I would prefer the word NEUTRAL. And am definitely not struggling and certainly never will struggle. Just too lazy to give a....

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